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Word of mouth and tradition can only go so far when a brand is expanding its consumer base. A website is an important factor in bringing in new customers, but a growing number of mobile users might walk into your business without ever looking at your web page. How? Certain mobile searches or voice-activated inquiries provide direct answers to users instead of a web page result. Just ask Siri.

Every map, app, search engine and device contains directories of local and even web-based business. It’s critical to reach customers in their moment of decision. Being at the top of a directory goes beyond simple search engine optimization, business need to understand what consumers are searching and seeking when it comes to location, products and people. Luckily there is an advanced technology that puts customer engagement to work for your brand.

At Dependable Website Management. we are official corporate partners with Yext technology. Yext lets our customers have direct API (application program interface) access and control over 100 directory listings for their business, including everyone from Google, to Yelp, Facebook and White Pages. All through one simple and easy to use customer dashboard, that we can either give you access too, or that we can mange for you. Don’t let directory listings drive you up the wall again! Instead control them all from one place with Dependable Website Management’s custom dashboard powered by Yext.

Below we discuss what Yext is, why it’s important and how partnering with Dependable Website Management and Yext can help you better manage your digital knowledge and attract more customers.

What does Yext do and how does it work?

Yext is digital knowledge engine designed to manage a business’s location-related information on over 100 directory websites such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Yelp, etc.

Each one of these intelligence services has a knowledge base or a database full of consumer and business data. The Yext software has access to these databases and interprets user activity to ensure that their clients’ listings are up-to-date and accurate, filling in voids as needed and syncing the information across in Internet.

Yext and Dependable Website Management will help you digitize and take control of your location’s information. The custom dashboard will make it easy for you (or us) to enter and update your listings so that potential customers always see the correct information. You can add photos and videos to the customizable dashboard and also add offers and announcements. Yext does the hard work for you, adding this information to its directories, a process that would take a single individual a long time to complete.

Yext recently announced a software update that will aid businesses hosting events. Simply go onto Dependable Website Management’s custom dashboard powered by Yext, create an event full of specific details and offers, then the information will automatically be spread to event-specific sites consumers use to find things to do, like EventBrite and Eventful, in addition to Google and Facebook.

The company also announced the launch of a service to help restaurants better attract customers. The update allows restaurants and bars to appear in search results, not only for general searches, but also for specific menu items and attributes. For example, a Mexican restaurant can appear when a nearby diner performs the search, “tacos near me.” Dependable Website Management has implemented these new updates to their restaurant and bar clients and the feedback has been outstanding.

Why does it matter?

Incorrect business listings, as simple as not capitalizing the “s” in St., “r” in Road or even accidently listing the wrong name and address can lead Google to ranking you lower in their directory and can lead to negative customer reviews. According to a 2017 Local Search survey, the #1 and 2 negative factors that will decrease your ranking are having a listing detected at an incorrect address or being listed under an incorrect business category.

Should I add reviews to my website?

Yes! In order to show ratings in organic search results, Google now requires that you generate your own reviews directly from your customers. With the help of Dependable Website Management and Yext’s widgets, it’s easy to add those reviews to your website and local pages. The reviews also give your website or directory fresh content and credibility, helping you stay relevant with consumers and search engines visit website. As a Yext certified partner, Dependable Website Management has all the tools, training, and support you need to create new revenue streams while delivering your unique value.

The game-changing Yext account setup and management is a service offered in each of Dependable Website Management’s website management packages and is available as a stand-alone service from our list of a la cart internet services which also include E-Commerce Web Development, Google Adwords management, API Connections, tech support and more.


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