As humans we are always pursuing technology to make life easier while lowering costs of resources. Energy has always been a topic of debate. Fossil fuels are eventually going to be depleted and we need renewable energy sources. Wind turbines, solar panels and hydrogen fuel cells are all wonderful examples of human ingenuity. However, do you know exactly what a hydrogen fuel cell is? Also, the capabilities that it has and can be used for is tremendous.


What Can a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Do?


The biggest reason for possessing a hydrogen fuel cell, would be the use of powering a car or motor. There will be a hydrogen tank. The tank will send hydrogen into the fuel cell upon command. Once the hydrogen enters, there will be a chemical reaction with oxygen. This combination creates H2O and will be used to generate electricity. The electricity stimulates the engine and boom. Completely renewable energy that just needs to be occasionally refilled. This process applies mostly to a car, but can be applied in other methods as well. An electrical battery becomes charged through this process.


Replacing Modern Car Solutions with Renewable Energy


This fuel cell is just one of many methods to transition to a renewable energy world. It represents a system that can eventually make a big difference in the environment. There would be no excess gas emission into the atmosphere. A car battery would be charged from the stimulation of electricity within the chemical reaction. When the car begins to break, it’ll use the excess energy to replenish all the juice within the battery. An otherwise great circle that charges and emits zero bad gases into the atmosphere. Eventually we will be out of fossil fuels. Thankfully hydrogen can be produced on the spot. This is a phenomenal example of human ingenuity on the energy world.