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Website Upgrades and Changes

With technologies advancing exponentially, it’s important to stay up to date with popular trends not only to stay in touch with consumers but to be innovative in your industry. An easy way to stay competitive in your market is by updating your website through either upgrades and/or changes. Doing so will make your online store or brand more attractive, tech-friendly, secure, and fast, leading to improved traffic and sales. Below we will discuss why and how making upgrades and changes to your website with the help of Dependable Website Management can help you achieve your goals of a stronger brand.

Do I need to upgrade my website?

If you are thinking about the need to upgrade your website, chances are it is time to get a move on. To be on the safe side, websites should be upgraded every 16-32 months for security, relevance, marketing and traffic purposes (more on SEO below). A clean and readable re-design also allows your brand to add call-to-actions, instructing the web page user to provoke an immediate response, where it be to buy an item or leave a comment on a blog post. It’s also important to upgrade or re-design your website to be in line your latest business and marketing strategies. Don’t be afraid to update old web pages, even if means switching words around or making grammatical changes. After making these changes, you can ask Google to recrawl your URLs.

Google (and other search engines) are consistently changing the ways websites appear on searches. Now more than ever, having a website that is mobile-friendly will make you more Google compatible. Why? According to inbound marketing developer HubSpot, when a person is searching on a mobile device, Google will only list sites that are easy to read with links convenient to tap and images appropriately sized for the device. The easier information is to find on a mobile-friendly device, the more matched with search engines you are. Considering nearly 60 percent of all website traffic is from mobile devices, having a compatible and up-to-date website is more important than ever. Another reason to update you website is if you are still using flash objects. Flash content does not work well on mobile devices, and some web browsers like Google Chrome, have moved to disable Adobe Flash Player when visiting web pages.

What are some ways I can update my website?

New apps, plugins and integrations are just a few of the ways Dependable Website Management can help you upgrade your website to achieve your goals whether its to automate your small business or grow your customer or follower base. If you have an idea for an app or would like to have a custom cell phone app built for Andriod , iOS, or both, we can help you! At Dependable Website Management, we have built a plethora of cell phone apps. We can take you through the process of planning and development, all the way into the Apple and Android online app stores, with ease. Much like creating an app, Dependable Website Management can also develop WordPress plugins for your website. These plugins give the web developer access to a myriad of powerful software options to give your website extra functionality. Things like custom forms, API connections, SEO, galleries, and animation are all available software options for web developers in the WordPress Plugin Market.

Can I improve my website traffic by updating my website?

Yes! There are many ways to improve traffic: Fresh content, apps, new pages, videos, pictures, FAQs, how-tos, giveaways, testimonials, and more will help you stay relevant with consumers and search engines. In fact, daily blogs and social media updates help your website’s search result rankings. They also keep your business looking vibrant and alive online for your customers and potential customers. They are also great ways to stay in touch with former clients while reaching out to new ones. Every time you create new content for your site, Google and other search engines index your pages, thus recalculating your website ranking. The more content you create, link and update, the more likely are your chances of getting noticed.

Dependable Website Management’s basic website management plan with daily blogs includes a brand new website, any and all website upgrades or changes you would like, all plugin and software updates, full website security with hack support, and general website tech support. It also includes weekly industry specific blogs, that will help your websites SEO, as well as provide a weekly update on your website for users to read, share, and enjoy. All blogs at DWM meet Googles standards for originality, length, and of course content.

We’ll dedicate two additional articles to the on-site and off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services provided by Dependable Website Management, since upgrades, updates and new content to a website can only flourish with a well-planned and executed SEO and marketing strategy.

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