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Now that you have a new website in mind, it’s time to create an actual webpage to be viewed on the Internet.

There many tedious steps when it comes to creating a successful website, but one of the important first steps is to find a web hosting service provider to help purchase a domain or URL, and store your files on its servers to deliver content to users’ browsers.

What is website hosting?

Whether you are a novice or expert webmaster, every website needs quality hosting. Your website does you no good if it is down or slow all the time. Web hosting services offer varying amounts of monthly data transfers, storage, email, and other features.

The expert team at Dependable Website Management has reliable and super fast servers powered by Liquid Web. They can handle simple one-site hosting accounts, multiple-server configurations, load balancers, CDNs, high security server set-ups and more based on your needs. If website speed is important to you, then Dependable Website Management’s dedicated and managed hosting is the choice for you.

Let’s take a look at how Dependable Website Management’s services can help your website grow or improve.

How do I make my website load faster?

One way to speed up your website is to utilize a web hosting company that uses multiple-server configurations. What this does is provide an upgrade over a single server that may get bogged down with user traffic. Using multiple servers enhances performance and reduces downtime by sharing tasks between servers such as monitoring IP addresses, antivirus software, data transformations and more.

Powered by Liquid Web’s renowned servers, Dependable Website Management also offers load balancers, making your website capable of handling viral content, and social networking campaigns. Load balancers disseminate traffic resourcefully to multiple servers, and are essential to a trustworthy and fault-tolerant infrastructure.

What is a CDN?

A CDN or a Content delivery network reduces the delay that occurs when you request a web page to the second the content appears onscreen. While traditional web hosting normally refers to one server, a CDN is a global network of servers that shortens the physical distance between a user and a server, thus shortening the data communication between the two and creating higher performance. For example, if you are utilizing one server in Los Angeles and a user in London is attempting to buy a new pair of shoes on your website, it is going to take frustratingly slow speeds for the request to travel across the Atlantic Ocean and over to California and back to England. However, if your website utilizes a CDN, the slow performance is eliminated. It’s no surprise a growing number of websites are already being served by CDNs as they look to grow their global market.

Not only does Dependable Website Management’s CDNs ensure security while data travels across worldwide networks but it also improves search engine optimization and conversion rates while also improving speed.

How do I keep my website secure?

Having a sleek and fast website is one thing but if it’s unsecure it can lead to a number of headaches for both you and your users. Recently there have been a number of data breaches on major websites that have stolen credit card information, phone numbers, identities, leading to possible lawsuits and a major loss in revenue.

There are a number of different ways Dependable Website Management keeps you safe with its high security server set-ups including antivirus and malware scanning, SSL, firewalls, DDoS prevention and network monitoring as well as file management and password strength policies.

How do I make my website compliant?

When starting a new e-commerce website or webpage where sensitive data will be used there are a number of information security standards you need to be aware of. For example, if you are processing credit card data you need must comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) standards.

Without PCI DSS certification, your organization could be banned from credit card processing applications and be at risk from hackers. Dependable Website Management’s technicians are experienced in creating compliant websites with PCI DSS and other security ethical standards such as being ADA compliant.

Yes, the Americans With Disabilities Act goes beyond just making a brick and mortar store accessible to the disabled. And if your website is not ADA compliant it could lead to a lawsuit, just ask Bank of America and Target, which were sued because their websites lacked assistive technologies for the blind or hearing-impaired. The ADA goes beyond websites too, smartphone apps need to have capabilities to assist the disabled.

Secure, fast, dependable, sleek and profitable websites are just a click away with website hosting from Dependable Website Management. Let their experienced team take care of the nuts and bolts of the website so you can focus on other aspects such as e-mail setup and management. Need help with that too? Dependable Website Management has you covered.


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