This year has brought a large number of vaping-related illnesses. Research has shown that these illnesses can be traced back to illegal THC vapes. Unfortunately, THC vapes aren’t legal everywhere within the United States and people are reaching out to black market dealers for their products. Within some of these THC vaping products is the chemical Vitamin E Acetate. The New England Journal of Medicine recently published a paper regarding the outbreak. Within this report, it is noted that 49 out of 51 people who had either suffered or died from a vaping-related product, had traces of vitamin E acetate within their lungs.


Vitamin E Acetate Outbreak Surfaced Quickly


To everyone’s surprise, this year brought a catastrophe surrounding vaping and THC cartridges. As most people know, the popularity of vaping has been rising for those willing to quit. Also, the popularity of the vaping for the younger crowd has been rising. Which isn’t surprising. As did cigarettes back in the day ensued popularity from the younger crowd, so do vaping products of our modern era. Not only do normal vaping products draw attention from people, but the THC vaping products as well. The convenience of having a vaping product for your inhalation fix is appealing to almost any smoker.


Betrayed by a Stress Reliever


Many people turn to vaping and smoking in order to either quit cigarettes or avert their high amounts of stress. Regardless the reason, people who turn to using THC or nicotine vapes do not deserve death. People are experimenting with vitamin E acetate within THC vapes as an extra chemical to thicken products and make them last longer. All this does is potentially harm their clients. Many officials around the United States jumped back against vaping and either established illegalities of all vaping. Either stricter laws surrounding them or even higher taxes. This may backlash many of the people using non-THC vapes for situations such as quitting cigarettes. Either way, no one deserves to be betrayed by their stress reliever.