Social media is playing a huge role in marketing and it allows you to get most of your leads. According to the statistics, it has been observed that just 16% of marketers believe that outbound marketing practices actually provide leads of the best quality. So, what are the other alternatives as well which can successfully drive you leads? Twitter is a great social platform as there over 328 million monthly users which are active and makes it a perfect potential platform when it comes to lead generation.

There’s also a 100% higher lead-to-close rate with social media over outbound marketing. Unfortunately, it can be hard to know how to find leads effectively on Twitter. But if you know how to use Twitter’s advanced search queries, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. General search options on Twitter make it hard to find exactly what you’re searching for. Twitter Advanced search lets you easily find specific tweets, people, and companies. These advanced search options are essentially a gateway for finding quality leads for free. The only cost you may have to consider with a Twitter account is paying an employee to manage it and search for leads. That’s it. That’s why I’m going to tell you what advanced search queries are and how to use them to drive (at least) 100% more leads. On this post, Patrick Zarrelli of Dependable Website Management will demonstrate the facts that why you should use the Advanced search.




There is always great possibility that Twitter users are talking about your company and your products, but they might not be tagging you in their posts or they may be doing that but, their tweets may are getting lost in the crowd. Twitter advanced search option will let you find them and that’s how you can turn that into a lead. There is a possibility that you may have used the option of the search panel on the right-hand side of your screen on twitter platform to check out the users or hashtags.


When you try to search out something using that panel such as Starbucks, then you may be able to find some of the results, but they are not fruitful results. Those results are pretty generalized, and they won’t allow you to get or sort out any leads. As mentioned above, there are a lot of users on Twitter who used to perform activities on Twitter and enable their millions of tweets every day so according to this, it will be very difficult for you to get sorted out your desired tweet and you will definitely have to use some kind of filtration tool which can help you in this case. Twitter’s advanced search options will help you in because it will allow you to see every tweet from today by people in any location with any kind of phrase you can guess about it, you can also checkout your competitor mentioning some certain keywords or whatever material you need to search on it. Patrick Zarrelli of Dependable Website Management will show you how Twitter’s advanced search option can help you to grab the leads.

Search by Sentiment 

Sentiment searches are a great way to find out what people are saying about a certain topic, product or brand or etc. You can also use this search option so you can search out those who are already your customers and you can offer them new services or products with new kinds of deals and offers. There are few sentiment searches as well you should try to figure out. It is basically for the starters that try to find out sad and happy tweets of people, try to find the question marks which can allow you to know that what people are asking actually by using this platform. Twitter allows you numerous options that you can filter to see top tweets. Recent tweets, people, photos, videos, news etc. For example…


This is the simplest way to find out that what people are recently trying to figure out and what they are looking for in real time. You can even check out your competitor’s tweets and newsfeed as well so that you can gain knowledge from it. You have to make it sure that you read through the context of each tweet and know about its context. As the world has become a global village, people try to ask questions so that they can have different and helpful reviews to the same problem to sort out the best solution which can help them. Whatever phrase you choose to use, you will find a result…

This is how it is easy to find out the new customers and by finding them, you can help them to their problems and can boost up your online reputation by the help of sentiment searches, isn’t that a great tool?

Track mentions by searching for usernames

It is recommended that one use this technique as the “track mentions” can help you to track new leads by having username searches. You just have to add up “to” or “from” before a username and it will rightly work for you.


Have a look on “from” example as well…


This is how you can have the desired results and one more thing to add up here that you can also add up other words in your search phrase as well along with “to” or “from”.


This is a great way to find potential customers who are not yet your paying customers. This will surely help you to generate leads and it will work well. By availing this option, you can get to know what people are saying to your competitors and asking them about, or what type of solutions they are trying to find out about their problems. By having this function, you can check if a customer of your competitor is unhappy, so that you can tweet with your great offers and can get a lead. This is how you can generate or create relationships with the twitter users. Patrick Zarrelli of Dependable Website Management has something to add, stating that it is very important to save these searches for later references so that you can have a look at them and they can plan your strategy about them.

Save your searches

Twitter allows you to save up to 25 searches per account and these are great tools to establish a lead. There is a pretty simple procedure to do that…


With this search, you are able to know about the people who are sharing your competitors or your posts, or you can also know about their tweets using certain keywords. There is also an option to save searches as per geolocation, so you can save searches by using this filter to find people in your area / region. This is the main and basic need for a starter to get the attention of new customers.

The use of geolocation filters

By using geolocation, you can find tweets in any country or city and in that way, you will be able to weed out the tweets from faraway places. This is very important when you own a small business and you are desiring to get leads right in your area. This will be greatly helpful in such cases. Just add ‘near:(city/country) and ‘within:(X mi)’ to find tweets from any location across the world. The ‘near:’ addition filters out exactly where you want to see tweets from. The ‘within:’ addition lets you pick the distance from that location you want to see tweets from. Essentially, it creates a radius around the zip code, city, county, or other regions you specified with the ‘near:’ filter. If you’re a business owner in Seattle who wants to tweet about relevant local current events, just add your zip code when searching for any keyword. Here is an example for you…


Twitter’s advanced search option is an easy way to find out what is actually going to your area and then you can join that conversation as well. By using this search option, you can reply to your competitor’s customer before they do. This way you can get a potential or confirmed customer if they are happy with your services or offers. The things we are excluding sometimes, have to be kept in mind when generating leads.

Exclude irrelevant results

You can exclude or cut out those results which are not necessary for your getting leads process. All you have to do is to add in the symbol “ – “ before the keyword, filter or something else. You will have the desired result without exclusions.


This is the easiest way to get the refined results. In addition to it, you can also use the tool to find tweets without links as well. Just add “-filter: links” to your search phrase and you will have your result.

Create Hashtags and search for them

You can get great leads if you are using the hashtag perfectly or correctly as you can build your own filter in this way. One thing to note here is that you have to come up with the branded creative hashtag and should not use more than one hashtag.

By using branded hashtags, you can generate great attention and this this not only allows your customers to do your marketing and product placement for you, but it also creates a branded hashtag you can search later to interact with Twitter users. Hashtags might encourage those people who haven’t purchased any products from you. The Twitter advanced search is not done manually, so save your time by letting twitter work for you in the right way.

Easier way to use advanced search

It can be helpful to know what text to search for to find advanced searches. But you can also just click a few buttons to apply filters rather than having to type them out manually each time. Start out by clicking the “Search filters” button in any search query.


Then you have to select the “advanced search” option from the drop-down menu.

Then you will something like this…


If you want to find a certain word, hashtag, or phrase, just add it to the “Words” area. Add specific accounts in the “People” section using the person’s Twitter handle. Then, select places and dates to narrow down your search even more.


Try to find out results from recent years because if you are going too far away on dates then it is not going to help you.

Use Twilert

it is obvious that we all have don’t enough time to watch Twitter all the time or around the clock as it is a pretty tough job to do. So, in this case, you are ready to pay some small amount of fee to boost up your advanced search results then you can use Twilert.


This software comes up with a 30-day trial version so in this way you can get a good feel for their features. If you like it, there is a paid version. It will automatically work for you like you are doing the advanced search using steroids.

It allows a very simple procedure to follow through and you can have the desired results.

Connector follows your leads

It is as simple as you are connecting with your users. Follow them and get yourself know about each and everything about their queries.


You can answer to potential or your customer’s feedback and if you are doing it right when you are using it. This will encourage other potential customers to engage with you and your services.


Patrick Zarrelli of Dependable Website Management has concluded that most of the marketers don’t think that outbound marketing will help them or is effective. It should be accepted that there are millions of users of social media which can generate gigantic leads for you and your business. You can follow the above-mentioned steps or tricks and can perform an advanced search on Twitter to generate leads.


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