President Donald Trump has launched attacks on Google.

President Donald Trump complained recently that Google’s algorithms are biased against conservatives.

Trump’s complaints, which grew to include Facebook over the course of the past week, echo those made by other conservatives. The president added to conservative Google bashing by alluding to calls for antitrust action against major tech players.

According to Bloomberg:

“I won’t comment on the breaking up, of whether it’s that or Amazon or Facebook,” Trump said in an Oval Office interview Thursday with Bloomberg News. “As you know, many people think it is a very antitrust situation, the three of them. But I just, I won’t comment on that.”

Trump reiterated for the third day his accusation that “conservatives have been treated very unfairly” by Alphabet Inc.’s Google. “I tell you there are some moments where we say, ‘Wow that really is bad, what they’re doing.’”

Trump began this round of attacks early last week by alleging, without citing evidence, that Google search is biased against conservative outlets. He tweeted, “This is a very serious situation-will be addressed!”

VentureBeat points out that Trump should be more concerned about Google’s role in artificial intelligence and in defense, and in countering China’s development of AI than with alleged bias. According to the site:

The president more than likely doesn’t believe he’s being discriminated against or care about antitrust regulation and is just teeing off on big tech companies to win points with his far-right base. But even if he does actually believe Google treated him unfairly, it may not be in the best interest of the United States to argue with a company closely associated with the growth of AI and tools like TensorFlow.

Right now, he should probably be listening to his defense secretary and thinking about what a national AI strategy should look like for the United States, and exploring the topic with companies like Google.


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