The holiday season is upon us! November brought family, fun and food all around the United States. Now that it is December, we’re approaching Christmas, New Years and of course, Winter. Winter will be bringing all the cold weather, dampness, snow and the dreaded cabin fever. If you’re someone like myself, who dreads the idea of having to deal with the cold and snow, then you’re probably looking for anything to help this season. Well, good thing you checked in. Here are a couple gadgets that will help you get through this cold winter and get you back into the good cheer you’re missing.


Bluetooth Beanie


So, you’re a music savant and the winter months are what you dread because you have to decide between warmth and music? Well, fear no longer. Recently, companies understand that your problem spans all over the world. Nobody wants to mess around with headphones under your beanie. So, why not combine the two? These Bluetooth beanies work similar to any other Bluetooth device. The technology is in a chip within the side of the beanie that is easily charged indoors. Although, it may not be the best sound quality you’re going to get compared to other options. These are a great way to listen to music as you’re shoveling your way out of three feet of snow.


Heated Stair Mats


One of the most dangerous things in the world is ice. It is almost invisible to the eye if you aren’t paying attention. Also, if you step on the ice incorrectly, you’re very likely to slip and fall. Worst case scenario, you’re on a flight of stairs when you slip. This can lead to injury and even possibly death. Thankfully, people have always used salt as a way to dissolve the ice. However, if you live in areas where temperatures are regularly lower than zero, then salt just won’t do the trick anymore. Your solution could be as easy as buying these heated stair mats. These mats are made from a customized thermoplastic that makes heat when they’re plugged in. Therefore, your stairs are always snow and ice free.