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Accidents happen, but what happens when it’s not exactly an accident? More specifically, what happens when an injury is the direct result of someone else’s negligence? In most cases, it means that the injured party is entitled to compensation. Here’s what you should know about personal injury lawsuits and why you should choose someone from Anidjar and Levine as your Tampa personal injury lawyer.

How Personal Injury Cases Work

If you think you might have a potential personal injury lawsuit to bring forward, it’s important to know as much about how personal injury cases work as possible. Practically every personal injury lawsuit revolves around the same basic premise, one in which someone is injured due to third-party negligence.

The results of the injury are known as damages, which are what you would sue for. The entire concept of a personal injury lawsuit is based on the idea that someone deserves compensation whenever they sustain damages resulting from someone else’s negligence.

Regardless of the specifics of the claim, every personal injury case involves a plaintiff and a defendant. In some cases, there can be multiple defendants. It’s common to have more than one defendant in cases involving automobile accidents in which the driver at fault is not the owner of the vehicle.

Common Grounds for a Personal Injury Case

Some kinds of personal injury cases are more common than others. One of the most common grounds for a personal injury lawsuit is a car accident in which the other driver is at fault. These cases are especially common in Florida. Motorcycle accidents are also quite common and in many cases, they result in a lawsuit.

Medical malpractice suits are also common in Florida and around the country. Other common personal injury lawsuits involve slip-and-fall accidents and nursing home abuse or neglect. Some personal injury lawsuits are more unique. Indeed, many people don’t even know that they have grounds to sue until speaking with a Tampa personal injury lawyer.

Is Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Worth it?

No one likes going to court, even if you’re the one suing somebody else, going to court isn’t typically considered to be a pleasant experience. If you’ve recently been injured, you have a decision to make. First of all, you need to figure out if your injury was caused by third-party negligence.

For example, if you trip and fall on your own property because you were distracted or not paying attention, no one is at fault, except perhaps yourself. That said, there is a huge difference between having an accident on your own property as a result of your own carelessness and getting injured on someone else’s property or by someone else’s vehicle because of their negligence.

Whether you can sue someone for personal injury or not isn’t entirely up to you. You need the expertise of a legal professional to help you determine if you have a case or not. It’s important not to start accusing someone openly until you know the facts. If there’s money to be had and you’re serious about getting it, do it the smart way and consult with a qualified attorney.

Anidjar and Levine are among the best personal injury lawyers in Tampa, Florida. At the law offices of Anidjar & Levine, the attorneys are determined to help the injured recover the compensation that they sincerely deserve. The process begins with a review of what evidence you have and a conversation about what you would like to achieve with the evidence that you have.

Depending on the circumstances, it is entirely possible that you might have a major case that could bring you thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. That kind of money could change your life. You should know that people have been awarded heavenly amounts of money for personal injury lawsuits before.

Case in point, one of the most storied personal injury lawsuits involved a woman who sued city trains for over $14 million. Although most personal injury cases don’t feature such lofty figures, many of them are certainly worthwhile, especially when you take the damage to your mental and emotional health into account.

Most personal injury cases will seek compensation for damages in the form of medical costs incurred by a physical injury, however, claimants can receive a lot more money when suing for mental and emotional trauma.

Think about it this way, the more you have suffered, the more you can get in terms of compensation. The amount of mental, physical, and emotional anguish that the incident has caused you will determine how much compensation you can get.

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Tampa

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