If you’ve dreamed of the day of visiting the Mushroom Kingdom, then you’re going to be ecstatic. Universal Parks is adding a Super Mario World Theme Park to the mix. Be ready to bring back all the nostalgia from your childhood you can imagine. Journey with Mario through his fun-filled party theme park. Ride Yoshi, defeat Bowser and save Princess Peach! All available to you soon at Universal Studio in Japan!


Blast from the Past


If you’ve ever wanted to return to your youth and experience the joy of playing Mario Party with your friends, you’re in luck. Universal Parks is giving the people what they’ve been asking for! Join your childhood video game friend in his quest to save the Princess! That, or get distracted by all the amazing rides available. You better believe its time to beat your friends in real life Mario Kart. The possibilities for this place are endless. In fact, the Super Mario theme park is just part of a much larger place. Super Nintendo Land!


Super Nintendo Land


That is what they’re calling this wonderful gamer’s heaven. Super Nintendo Land is going to feature all your old school Nintendo favorites come to life. Take a nice stroll through Hyrule as you admire the Hero of Time and all of the Legend of Zelda quirks. Venture through Mushroom Kingdom with Mario and all his fun friends. Join Star Fox and save the galaxy from Andross. Maybe even take the haunted house route and walk through the spooky Luigi’s Mansion! All of these places are going to be coming to life for the first time ever!

This movement has been inquired from Universal Parks for a long time now. They finally gave in and began building the first one in Osaka. Soon enough these childhood memories will be brought to life in the United States as well.