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SSL Certificates and Installation


Your website is vulnerable to attacks and data breaches if it is not secure.  If you are operating an e-commerce website, making sure you have a safe and reliable website and/or credit card processor is vital. Same goes if your website contains personal information and passwords. One of the ways to make your website safe and secure is to install encryption algorithms and technologies to keep hackers and/or viruses away, and private, sensitive information secure.

SSL certificates, otherwise known as Secure Sockets Layer, ensure secure, encrypted communications between a webpage and a browser and lets users, as well as search engines know that your site is safe and protected, leading to increased authority and web traffic.

When a connection is made between two computers — the user’s computer and the hosting server — they’ll decide what form of encryption algorithms they’ll use. This agreement is used to establish a secure connection between the two computers called a Secure Sockets Layer.

Depending on the SSL certificate purchased, the user’s web browser may display a lock icon in the URL, green lettering, a thumb’s up or another symbol to let you know it is safe for a secure transaction or password protected. Once the computers agree on the form of encryption algorithms to use, data is passed back and forth between them. When data leaves one computer, it is scrambled using the agreed-upon method and then descrambled when it arrives at the other computer. Now the user can place their order using a credit card or payment, and no matter who tries to interfere, the order, shipping information, phone numbers and e-mail addresses go to the online store and nowhere else.

There are a number of SSL certificates to choose from to fit your business requirements and budget. A certificate authority must grant SSL certificates, which are based on validation level and number of secured domains/subdomains. There are three SSL certificates for each grouping.

Below we define each and discuss how else Dependable Website Management can help keep your website safe and secure no matter the circumstances.

SSL certificates by Validation Level

Domain Validation: The simplest and thus quickest authentication to install, this SSL certificate can be obtained when a brand simply proves ownership over the registered domain to the certificate authority. Best used for personal blogs and non-business sites.

Organization Validation: This SSL certificate offers an improved level of authentication over the domain validation and thus is more expensive to purchase and takes longer to issue from the certificate authority. To get this certification, you must prove your brand or business is legitimate to the certificate authority.

Extended Validation: The strictest of the validation levels, this SSL certificate not only validates the ownership but its organization information, location and legal existence. While it is the most expensive, Extended Validation SSL certificates can eventually pay for themselves. According to TecEd, Inc., 77 percent of online shoppers would hesitate to shop at a website without an Extended Validation SSL certificate.

SSL Certificates by Number of Domains

Single-name: These SSL certificates protect a single sub-domain or hostname. Basic and cheap but they get the job done.

Wildcard: These SSL certificates allow brands to obtain unlimited sub-domains under a domain name through a single SSL certificate. For example, you can purchase a wildcard SSL certificate for and each sub-domain for your website will be included like or, etc.

Multi-domain: Also known as Unified SSL certificates/Multi-Domain SSL certificates/SAN certificates, these SSL certificates allow you to protect up to 100 domains with just one certificate. While more expense than the others, you’ll actually save money over individual certificate purchases and it will be easier to manage.

How do I Install an SSL certificate?

Allow the tech experts at Dependable Website Management help you buy, activate, install and update your website with a new SSL certificate for you!

Dependable Website Management’s services don’t stop at working with clients to setup SSL certificates and online payment processing; we go the extra mile when it comes to e-commerce, including managing API connected stores to giant whorehouse operations.

The e-commerce arena is a field of expertise that Dependable Website Management is comfortable and confident working in. Whether it’s online stores with tens of thousands of products in them or stores that focus on just one product or service, or even online stores that sell membership style products, we’ve got you covered.

Our talented team consists of award-winning web designers, Google AdWords Certified professionals, certified application web developers, Google Analytics Certified consultants, conversion specialists, qualified social media marketing experts and some of the most brilliant minds in search engine optimization. Safe to say you are in good hands if any questions or issues arise when developing and managing a website.

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