Social Media Page Creation and Management

social media globeSocial network sites are an effective way to begin online marketing campaigns and build relationships and brand awareness with future customers and colleagues. In fact, consumers are more than 70 percent more likely to make a purchase if they are referred to your business through a contact on social media. Also, 76 percent of customers claim to trust social media more than traditional advertising.

Social network sites and apps are also a way for your brand to reach a wider audience, increase SEO ranking, stand out in your industry and create a direct line of communication to users. Increasing interaction with social media platforms are just one of the many ways to help your brand grow. Most entities know the importance of having a social media presence, but creating and implementing a social media marketing campaign across a growing number of social media mediums can be a tedious and daunting task.

Brands have to research and understand target audiences before creating innovative social content on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, blogs, Reddit, YouTube, Pintrest, WhatsApp and more. On top of that, brands must analyze social media ROI measurement models and inbound marketing numbers.

Every time you create new social media posts connected to your website, Google and other search engines index your pages, thus recalculating your website ranking. The more industry authority your social media accounts have, the more likely are your chances of getting your websites noticed. With increased traffic comes opportunity for more business.

Managing social media — taking care of all the content, posts and feedback — is time consuming, especially when you’re focused on running your e-commerce or blog website. Not to worry, the social media experts at Dependable Website Management have vast experience in creating pioneering social media content and campaigns from the ground up.

Below we discuss how Dependable Website Management has you covered when it comes to social media.

Facebook management

Facebook is the kingpin of social media websites. For your business to harness its full potential on the network requires a tech professional. Dependable Website Management will be happy to handle all of your social media updates for you. Dependable Website Management can also manage your Facebook advertising campaigns and your Facebook boost campaigns.

A healthy and robust Facebook presence will not only help improve your brand’s notoriety in its respective industry, it can also help you stay in touch with past customers and even geographically or demographically target new ones. Facebook offers a wide variety of adverting options, and which ones you decide to use can have a dramatic impact on your over all success son the network.

Instagram management

Instagram is the most active and popular social media trends for Millennials. Instagram is also owned by Facebook, which allows Dependable Website Management to create advertising campaigns that run on both mediums simultaneously. We can also create campaigns solely aimed at one medium or the other.

At Dependable Website Management, we will craft a campaign for your company, set up and manage the campaign as well as provide you with any online data you request about the campaign. We are experts at creating campaigns that bring in real sales and real leads for our clientele.

So if Instagram is part of your company’s marketing plan, call us for a free quote. Our team would love to help take you to the top!

Daily blog management

Blogging is considered part of the social networking arena because it encourages readers to discuss and share the information. Blog posts provide content for social media platforms such as Twitter, Pintrest, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.

A part of your social media campaign, blog posts help enhance and grow your consumer base by providing industry authority, keeping users coming back for more and sharing the content via your social media channels.

Last year, Dependable Website Management published an astounding 25,000 web pages and blogs online for our clients. If you are interested in adding custom blogs or daily social media updates to your company’s web presence, then contact us today for a free custom quote for your brand or company.

With Dependable Website Management’s team of web developers, graphic designers, bloggers, marketers and social media experts, here are just a few of the many ways we can manage social media of any size.

  • Design and create promotions and social campaigns
  • Publish and share daily content specific to the social platform to build connections and encourage potential customers to engage and share.
  • Analyze the effectiveness of campaigns
  • Monitor and manage online reputation
  • Participate in local and national events
  • Create and distribute press releases
  • Moderate all user-generated content
  • Provide strategies for handling social media related crises
  • Optimize paid campaigns to help achieve business objectives

At Dependable Website Management, our goal is to make sure that your website and all of your social media accounts are getting the attention they need. We’ll take care of all the work behind the scenes so you can focus on your booming business.

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