With the holiday season comes the time for giving. Giving happiness to one another. Joy to someone you don’t know. Or a helping hand to those in need. Regardless, it feels good to help someone, and even better to see them do well. This year SFL Media donated their time and money to help people and animals in need.


SFL Media Has Heart


SFL Media is a full stack tech team that has streamlined the media network off of paper into the new technological era. They specialize in helping people build the websites they dream of having for their companies. CEO Patrick Zarrelli understands that people all have their own dream. However, in this technological era, an online presence is essential to being successful. Their goal is to take care of the entire online process of populating your presence with everything you need. Building websites, managing any links and processes and promoting presence in Google through SEO is not an undertaking that most people are capable of. Especially while trying to establish their dream through their own empire. From social media, to advertisement and even reviews and news.


SFL Media Donates $5,000 to Jack and Jill Children’s Center


If you weren’t aware, the Jack and Jill Children’s Center is a nonprofit provider of early childhood education. They are located within Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Originally, this company began in 1942. During this time, they were a day-care that aided the mothers whose husbands had gone out to war. These women were forced to enter the workforce. They take pride in serving the younger generations time after time. Serving well over 14,000 children and families, SFL Media and Patrick Zarrelli were more than happy to donate $5,000 to the Jack and Jill Children’s Center.

Their mission and vision are simple:

“To break the cycle of poverty for children of high need working families through quality early childhood education and family strengthening programs.”

“For every child and family to have the tools they need to be successful in life.”


SFL Media Donates $1,000 to Animal Aid


Animal Aid is another company that helps those in need. Located in Oakland Park, FL, this company has a goal to help the emergency, abused and neglected cats and dogs in the area. They not only rescue animals, but the also adopt from other agencies as well. It is more a less an all-inclusive non-profit rescue and adoption center. This company was built upon the sweat and blood of Tamara DeMello. She worked as hard as she could to make a home to save animals. She began Animal Aid in 1999 and had helped so many families find their forever friends. However, 2010 brought her dreams to a halt when her company mobile clinic went up in flames. She rebuilt her empire once again and SFL Media is happy to donate $1,000 to their noble cause.

If you want to learn more about the Jack and Jill Children’s Center, you can find their website here at https://www.jackandjillcenter.org/.

If you want to learn more about Animal Aid, the link is here at http://www.animal-aid.com/index.html.

Curious about Patrick Zarrelli and his company? Check out his website at https://pjzny.com/.