SEO Trends That Will Play A Role In 2021

The formula for ensuring your business performs well on search engines never stays the same for long. As technology develops and algorithms adapt, the demands for SEO keep changing.

You can expect that to be the case in 2021, with the current expectations sure to be different come the end of the year. What might influence these changes, though?

Well, these four trends ought to give you a good idea.


Voice Search

Ever since devices like Google’s Echo and Amazon’s Alexa came on the market, they’ve steadily grown more intelligent. That’s sure to affect SEO over the coming year, especially as they’re now owned by over a third of the US adult population.

With millions of people using these smart speakers to do online searches, businesses will have to think more carefully about what keywords they use. After all, people are more likely to use longer, more natural phrasing with voice search, as opposed to typing.


Image Optimization

Gone are the days when images were just there for you to look at. More and more, they’re becoming influential in how people search, with the end goal being for pictures to be used for tasks like making purchases. That’s why it’s essential that all your visual content – and you should have plenty of it – is properly optimized.

Alt tags, customized file names, and labeled photo files are all vital for your high-quality, relevant images if you want to get the most out of them. You should also be putting pictures in your site map to ensure that you’re fully prepared for this developing SEO tactic.

Local Search

As broad as the world wide web may be, people’s use of it is a lot more localized than you might think. With businesses increasingly starting to understand this, local SEO is set to become even more important in 2021. Someone who can help you with this is Astoundz, a Houston SEO company. They understand the importance of things like Google My Business, which is essential for anyone hoping to utilize local SEO. They offer a 100% guarantee for getting you on the first page of a search engine and even have the awards to back up their promises. What more could you want from an SEO company?


Video Content

Video content is nothing new. However, if you’re not utilizing it at this point, you’re potentially putting your business in a dangerous position. This content is now so popular that it’s expected to make up over 80% of all consumer traffic by 2022. It’s no wonder that people are now starting to avoid places that don’t offer it.

If you don’t want to be rejected before potential customers have even seen what you offer, it’s advisable that you start generating this type of content. You should also be optimizing it too. That doesn’t mean cramming it full of keywords, although these are obviously useful. Make sure the description is user-friendly and explains what you’re about, because it’ll be more beneficial in the long run.

It’s possible that other trends will play a significant role in SEO for 2021, some of which we may have never even heard of before. For now, though, these are the things to be taking note of so that your business can continue to thrive on search engines.


Article written by: Jessica Sweet