Are you someone that gets hot no matter what? People all around you are wearing hoodies and beanies but you’re in shorts and still sweating? Well, for all of you that are perpetually heated or for those that just cannot find a way to beat the heat, Sony’s Reon Pocket is coming March of 2020 to protect you from the dreaded heatwaves of summer.


What is a Reon Pocket?


Sony’s Reon Pocket is a portable air conditioning device. This device slides into the pocket of your specially designed t-shirt and keeps you cool as you go about your day. Having your own personal thermostat is the new trend to staying warm or cool throughout your day to day life. The device is capable of both cooling and heating and it uses small electrical currents to absorb or distribute heat.

Many companies have temperature controlling devices these days. From heating pads to thermal shirts, these devices allow for an easier transition of extreme temperatures. The key to this device is its size. The Reon Pocket is supposed to be a very small device that may be inserted into “sleeve” located in the specially designed t-shirts. These sleeves are very hidden and without the knowledge of you having the Reon Pocket, others will be none the wiser.


Who Would Use a Reon Pocket?


The Reon Pocket is a device that is perfect for those that work outside in the dead of summer. Imagine how convenient this would be for those working on the oil rigs all day sweating like crazy. For people like athletes who can easily get overheated in their equipment while on the field. Even soldiers that are stationed in arid and hotter places could have use of this device. Allowing them to focus on their work without the worry of being brutally beaten by the rays of the sun. Nevertheless, even if you just dislike the heat, this device has a large number of reasons to be demanded.