Remote Office Computer Cleanups

The Internet’s avenue for transferring data is called the world wide web for a reason. There are over 1.1 billion websites around the world today, and that number is growing by the day. Not only are there web users all around the world, but there are also CDNs in almost every country. A CDN, or a content delivery network, reduces the delay that occurs when you request a web page to the second the content appears onscreen.

While traditional web hosting normally refers to one server, a CDN is a global network of servers that shortens the physical distance between a user and a server, thus shortening the data communication between the two and creating higher performance.

For example, if you are utilizing one server in Tokyo and a user in London is attempting to buy a new pair of pants on your website, it is going to take frustratingly slow speeds for the request to travel across multiple continents and over to Japan and back to England. However, if your website utilizes a CDN, the slow performance is eliminated. It’s no surprise a growing number of websites are already being served by CDNs as they look to grow their global market.

As brands look to expand their global footprint, it’s becoming more and more popular for employees to work from home or in other countries to make sure someone is always monitoring their products, networks or website around the clock.

This remote work comes with a number of benefits but it can cause headaches for employers and employees alike if local network infrastructure is slow or infected by malware. If an operating system isn’t running at peak performance it could slow down the entire network even if it’s 1,000 miles away.

Not to worry, there is software utilized by Dependable Website Management that can remotely find and remove infected software from any office or personal computer anywhere in the world.

First let’s look at why we would need a remote compute cleanup.


The term Malware is short for malicious software or code that is created to do harm to a computer, sever or website. Malware can come in the form of different entities,  including viruses, trojans, spyware, worms, ransonware, adware and botnets. Cyber-criminals and hackers are consistently trying to access data and are coming up with creative ways to disguise malware in the form of email attachments, advertisements, photos, downloadable files, documents, web apps and more.

Pay close attention to the operating speed of your computer – Malware is known to slow operating speeds. If you see unexpected messages, icons or pop-ups come across your website, it’s time to contact Dependable Website Management before your website gets blacklisted by Google.

Plugins, widgets and WordPress are all software. Like your computer’s operating system or smartphone apps, they need to be updated at least once a month, not only for security reasons but to also fix bugs and improve functionality.

The biggest downfall for plugins is the fact they are susceptible to security hacks, especially on older versions of the software. In fact, over 80 percent of WordPress hacks are because blogs were either not updated or were upgraded improperly.

Programmers and developers are consistently trying to stay ahead of hackers and malware by proving security updates to their software, but at the end of the day it is up to the user to install upgrades to the website or WordPress core, plugins and themes. At Dependable Website Management, our website safety team provides full upgrade services and can even do so remotely.

Here’s how:

With your permission, our expert team can access your computer or network— no matter where in the world it is located — with software that will bring your screen and machine to us. From there, we can remotely find and remove unnecessary software from your machine, install updates for plugins, programs, apps and more. We can also install new security updates to keep your computer safe and running fast again. The cleanup services aren’t limited to individual machines. In fact, our expert team can help tune up an entire network at once, getting rid of temporary internet files, memory dumps and shortening paths.

The remote software Dependable Website Management utilizes to tune-up your computer can also be used to help you with tech support if you need help connecting to a wireless network, troubleshooting common software issues or freeing up hard drive space.

At Dependable Website Management, our web management plans include a brand new website, website hosting on our super-fast fully managed servers, any and all website upgrades or changes you would like, all plugin and software updates, full website security with hack support and cleaning, general website tech support, and as mentioned above, remote office computer cleanups.


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