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Traffic from Google is making up for social media management referral losses from Facebook.

Publishers are winning at the social media management game by using Google to make up for traffic lost to Facebook’s latest News Feed overhaul.

Data from Chartbeat shows increased Google traffic is making up for lost Facebook traffic, as publishers sign up for Google’s Advanced Mobile Pages service, which allows quicker page loading by hosting content directly on Google’s servers.

According to recode:

During its developer conference this week, Google announced that 31 million websites are using AMP, up 25 percent since October. Google says these fast-loading mobile webpages keep people from abandoning searches and by extension drive more traffic to websites.

The result is that in the first week of February, Google sent 466 million more pageviews to publishers — nearly 40 percent more — than it did in January 2017. Those pageviews came predominantly from mobile and AMP. Meanwhile, Facebook sent 200 million fewer, or 20 percent less. That’s according to Chartbeat, a publisher analytics company whose clients include the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post and ESPN. Chartbeat says that the composition of its network didn’t materially change in that time.

Last year, we published a similar dataset from digital analytics company, which showed that Google had again become the main source of referral traffic to publishers. Facebook first beat out longtime referral champ Google in 2015.

Referral traffic made up 47 percent of publisher traffic so far this year, according to Chartbeat, with Google and Facebook accounting for most of it.

Facebook’s changes to its News Feed sparked consternation in media and social media management circles.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said his company would deemphasize posts from publishers in favor of posts from friends that drew a lot of engagement. The idea behind that change is to emphasize what the company calls “meaningful interactions.”I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions,”

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