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There are endless ways to promote a brand. Traditional marketing, such as print advertisements, knocking on doors, flyers, billboards television and radio and commercials are some ways. Inbound marketing is another. Brands plan, strategize and create content that sparks interest and builds trust with readers, eventually turning them into consumers. Although this idea, also called content marketing, doesn’t necessarily promote a brand, it’s intended to stimulate interest.

Social media posts, newsletters, case studies, videos, whitepapers, webinars, infographics and eBooks are a few of the products that fall under the content marketing umbrella, but the most cost-effective piece of content marketing may be writing and distributing press releases.

Press releases are an effective resource for promoting your brand through sharing relevant information to engage and build relationships with readers and the media.

Press releases can be part of your SEO and marketing campaign.  Paying close attention to keywords in the title, URL and first paragraph of a press release can help garner more views and boot website traffic.

Every time you create new press release post connected to your website, Google and other search engines index your pages, thus recalculating your website ranking. The more authority your social media accounts have, the better your chances of getting your websites noticed. With increased traffic comes opportunity for more business.

Another benefit of a press release comes from helping grass-roots bloggers with background material when they are writing a collaborative post or a review of your product or service. Nothing is more frustrating for a business than a blogger or media affiliate posting incorrect information about your brand after a new press release – “controlling the message” is one of the major benefits of press releases.

What do I write in a press release?

Topics for a press release contain new or newsworthy information regarding your business or a related event.  When writing a press release. it is important to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Keep the headline short, interesting, and descriptive
  2. Display the main purpose of the release within the first two paragraphs
  3. Use quotes from an executive.
  4. Include a release date and contact information;
  5. Keep the press release under 500 words and don’t include using first-person pronouns such as “I”, “we” or “you”

6, Provide an “about us” in the final paragraph to help media and readers understand valuable background information about your brand.

Here are some potential press release topics:

–Product launching

–Results of company research

–Brand expansion
–Changes in service

–Speaking engagements
–Grants or bids won by the company
–Awards or recognition
–Community involvement
–Customer recognition
–Employee recognition

Press releases aren’t just limited to text. They can be sent out on social media and even YouTube.  Video news releases are become more popular as video continues to play a larger role in media. Video news releases can also come in the form of a direct message from an executive to shareholders, for example, or be used to showcase empathy as part of a crisis communication plan.

How do I send press releases out?

Posting a press release to your website and through a distribution network can help get your message publicity.  At Dependable Website Management, we are happy to create and release press releases for our clients. This includes copyrighting and linking to your sources, as well as the addition and creation of multi-media for the press release.

There is no better way top get your information and offers out to the masses than a professional and well-written press release

How can my company work with the media?

As mentioned earlier, sending out press releases can help with publicity when your news or message is mentioned by media organizations to their audience and your potential consumers. In the age of fake news, having a strong media relations plan is key. It’s important to build relationships with – and not against – the media, including journalists, bloggers and content writers.

Do you need a press release for your business or brand? Then you have come to the right place!

A well-executed press release can also give your website a significant SEO boost and provide content for social media and newsletters alike. A part of your social media campaign, press releases help enhance and grow your consumer base by providing industry authority, keeping users coming back for more and sharing it via your social media channels.

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