The CEO and founder of Dependable Website Management and of the Print Killer Media Network wanted to talk about a whole host of topics ranging from web development & publishing to boat parade awards & charitable donations. He had a lot of interesting things to offer. You can see one part of the interview at

In order for websites to truly thrive, they need web development. It is not just about the actual creation & construction of the site. Patrick Zarrelli, the CEO of Dependable Website Management, found out how important web development was when he was running his Print Killer Media Network. It was then that he discovered that it was much more profitable and would be a longer term solution for his clients if they adopted the web as their main portal for their businesses. Over time, more and more clients “drank the Kool-Aid” and Zarrelli had a full client list that rivaled his print media company.


And while it was a learning curve, Zarrelli took to web development quickly. He needed to. He couldn’t believe how busy he got form his advertising clients that they had so many needs and demands as far as their own sites. He knew then that he had really hit the proverbial ‘gold mine’. No longer was he going to chase down a client for a $100 – $500 ad. He was dealing with much bigger fish to fry. These websites needed to be up and running. And running efficiently and correctly at that.


Zarrelli grew from a one-man operation to a full-on web development company.

Through Dependable Website Management, Zarrelli has put together a web development team that can handle everything from soup to nuts. DWM offers a plethora of web development services. Custom websites, API, e-commerce, graphic design, hosting, computer and network repairs, web hosting, social media marketing, SSL security for sites, shopping cart & credit card processing, WordPress, SEO & SEM, daily blogging, Google AdWords, and even email set-up and management.


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