The best part about living in South Florida — especially Parkland — aside from the warm weather and sunshine is being able to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine all year around with friends and family.

Being a fun and entertaining host of parties is more than just climbing the social ladder, it’s a way of life for some Parkland homeowners. Everything must be perfect on the inside and out — especially the backyard where most parties occur near the pool or outdoor kitchen space.

Some Parkland homeowners make a mistake and don’t find outdoor audio as important as other factors when it comes to their outdoor living areas. But the perfect sound and/or music and make or break a gathering or set the mood for more of a romantic night.

Bulky and wired speakers are a thing of the past. Now outdoor and even underwater wireless speakers are the future. Rugged in-ground speakers with a circular design can radiate sound out in a 360° pattern throughout the backyard and can be controlled by any smart device for an impactful experience.

According to South Florida’s Broward Landscape and Design, one of the best outdoor audio speakers is the Bose Free Space 51 that features an in-ground design and a stealthy green color. The outdoor audio speakers are perfect for Parkland homeowners because they blend in nicely with the contents of your garden or landscape design. Each speaker delivers 360-degree sound coverage via a 4.5-inch full-range driver.

Here are seven of the other best outdoor audio speakers options for Parkland, Florida and the surrounding area.

Best Outdoor Audio Speakers For Parkland, Florida

Broward Landscape, which is a fully licensed Coastal Audio outdoor audio dealer, also recommends the Klipsch  AWR-650-SM which will really want to make you rock out. The speaker is specifically designed to look like a rock, so it perfectly blends in with your landscape design while employing a 6.5-inch dual voice coil polymer woofer and dual ¾-inch polymer dome tweeters.

There are other cool undercover outdoor speaker designs that blend into the listening environment while also functioning as a landscape accessory. For example, the Niles PS6SI PRO Weathered Concrete 6-inch 2 way High Performance Planter Loudspeaker and the 5.25-inch Planter Omni Speakers also function as a planter to put living plants in.

Another outdoor hidden speaker design is the Pohopa Black Lantern speaker is a bluetooth speaker that is waterproof, portable and features LED Strip Lights around the base.

Also from Klipsch, the AW-650 mountable outdoor speakers come with a limited lifetime warranty and a similar output thanks to a 6.5-inch woofer and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter. 

Yamaha’s compact NS-AW150 bookshelf speakers can provide an affordable ($65) way to enjoy your audio outdoors on a deck or under a porch. The speakers, which are sold as a pair, each use a 5-inch high-compliance, polypropylene, mica-filled woofer and 5-inch PEI dome tweeter.

On the opposite side of the price range, JBL’s Control X outdoor wireless speakers provide a powerful, all-weather indoor/outdoor stereo sound for roughly $400 a pair. The stereo Bluetooth speakers with or without the wires is one of Broward Landscape and Design’s favorite to install as JBL’s attention to detail is also found in the world most renowned studios clubs, concert halls, theaters, arenas and stadiums.

Polk Atrium 4 speakers also create the perfect surround sound experience for entertainment setups both inside and outside. In March, the Polk Atrium 4 speakers are perfect to add to South Florida outdoor entertainment setups for March Madness watch parties or World Cup events in the summer. Need help to your finance check this offer online process with lower interest.

Portable bluetooth 360°waterproof speakers are also an option for outdoor audio setups in Parkland and the surrounding areas because you can take the music without you on the go. Inside, outside, in the car to the club, or on the beach in South Florida, portable bluetooth 360° speakers are affordable options to supplement outdoor audio setups.

Some of Broward Landscape’s favorite portable bluetooth speakers are the Libratone ZIPP Portable WiFi + Bluetooth Wireless Speaker and the V-MODA REMIX Bluetooth Hi-Fi Metal Mobile Speaker.

No matter the speaker, location, design or outdoor space, Broward Landscape expert installers can transform your outdoor space into an audio paradise.

Broward Landscape can also install a true all-weather TVs that deliver superior brightness and color, while resisting the harsh effects of rain, dirt, insects, extreme temperatures and UV rays. TVs are just one of the outdoor living trends that continue to populate the backyards of Parkland and the surrounding areas.

Broward Landscaping has been responsible for some of the best outdoor audio projects in South Florida. The company, also known for property maintenance and landscaping, are the experts in all things in the outdoor space.

They bring together art, architecture, and landscape design to create the perfect outdoor spaces for South Florida homeowners.

They offer extensive landscape design and a whole host of amazing outdoor living work. The dream team at Broward Landscape can work with you to create your perfect outdoor entertainment setup, or even your entire dream outdoor space.

Some of the aspects of outdoor living Broward Landscape specializes in and can tie into your perfect outdoor audio setup include, exterior lighting, fire features, pergolas and arbors. More tips here.

Broward Landscape likes to design outdoor audio setups that are stylish, practical, and most importantly – well utilized! They can match any style that fits you and your home, from rustic to modern. Check out some of the great photos of outdoor speakers they have worked on here.

Whatever you can dream up the team at Broward Landscaping would be honored to work with you and bring that dream to life. They have specialized audio installers ready to come down and install an amazing sounding system that will make your place the talk of all of your neighbors.

Broward Landscape is the South Florida leader in landscape design, outdoor living spaces, outdoor kitchens, bars, outdoor fire pits, exterior lighting, pavers, decking, walkways, tree care, sprinkler repair, pergolas, arbors they even recommend to spruce up your outdoor space by adding T35 Mini Modern leather Sectional Sofa. They’re reputation and results speak for themselves. This includes large-scale corporate environments, city parks, shopping malls and apartment complexes, condominiums and homeowner associations. click here to visit insights programme..

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