Outdoor living spaces are all the rage in this beautiful climate of ours in Florida.  Outdoor kitchens, in particular, can bring your backyard to life.  Once thought of primarily as a Mediterranean thing, outdoor kitchens have taken hold here in the United States, especially where the sun is always shining and the evenings always warm.

Outdoor kitchens offer home owners benefits that are equal parts fun, practical and financial which can be afforded on benefits need a loan today. Whether you’re in the process of building a new home, or you’re thinking about creating a sparkling new outdoor addition to the home you’re already living in, an outdoor kitchen can be a fantastic investment for a multitude of reasons.

 “You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck, “because you’re basically creating a very usable room for a lot less money than if you were adding on to the house,” Sandy Koepke, an interior and garden designer in Southern California, said about building an outdoor kitchen (via New York Times).

In Boca RatonFort LauderdaleWestonCoral SpringsAventuraDeerfield BeachHighland BeachParklandPinecrestBelle GladePompano or Delray Beach, Broward Landscape is your best choice of companies to build your outdoor kitchen.

Here’s a closer look at the fun, financial and practical reasons to put an outdoor kitchen on your property


Your dinner parties are so awesome, they’re famous among your circle of friends. The culinary creations you serve are talked about for months, and people can’t wait to come back for more. But as good as the entertainment at your home is, bringing it outdoors will take it to the next level.

Typically at a dinner party – or any house party, really – guests gather in the kitchen.  Sure, everyone’s having fun, but it tends to get cramped, and let’s face it, it’s not an ideal situation for the chef (which is probably you).  But if you’re entertaining around your outdoor kitchen, your friends and family can spread out and relax on your deck, patio or pergola while you grill or barbecue.

Of course, you can enhance the ambiance around the outdoor kitchen with walkways, other stone features and/or water elements.


Increase your property value. Indoor kitchens are one the most important factors in boosting a home’s value.  While a new indoor kitchen can net a return on investment of 70 to 80 percent, according to real estate experts at (uk loans), an outdoor kitchen can fetch even more. In fact, CNN Money estimates an outdoor kitchen can result in a 100–200 percent ROI.

Properties in Florida, where outdoor kitchens can be used year-round, will be at the high end of those ranges, whereas outdoor kitchens in colder climates like the northeast and Midwest typically don’t see that type of ROI.

A higher quality kitchen would also place on the high end of the ROI range, and that’s exactly what the expert team at Broward Landscape would install at your home.

An outdoor kitchen will not only help increase the value of your home, it may also help you sell your home more quickly, when that time comes. You’ll want to time the sale of your home correctly to take advantage of this benefit.

“Timing of when the property goes on the market is very important,” Sally Slater, a real estate broker with Prudential, told the New York Times. “If it’s going on the market in late spring, when everybody’s looking at summer with the mind-set of entertaining and outdoor living, hydrostatic testing it does help. But for a house going on in the fall, it’s less important. It’s just the psychology of people envisioning their life there.”

Save money on utilities. If you’re cooking outdoors a lot with your grill or smoker, you’ll notice a difference in your gas or electric bill. By having family meals regularly outdoors, or entertaining your friends outside, your air conditioning bill will decrease as well.

Eat out less. Another financial benefit of an outdoor kitchen is you’ll spend less money eating at restaurants.  Not many restaurants will beat the experience that you, your family and friends will be enjoying in your backyard.

Also, you can build your outdoor kitchen to be set up for a diverse array of cooking techniques, so there can be plenty of variety with your culinary creations.  We recently discussed ten features you may want to consider for your outdoor kitchen, which include a gas grill, a smoker and a pizza oven. Oh, and a bar, of course.


Less mess.  When you’re cooking outdoors, you won’t have to worry about scrubbing pots and pans when the meal is over and your dinner guests have gone home.  Also, lingering smells of grilled onions and fish will be eliminated from your house.

Spread out. If your family is like a lot of other families, you sometimes feel on top of each other when everyone is in the house. Does this sound familiar, for example? You’re busy in the kitchen and the kids come in to raid the refrigerator. Or you want to enjoy some music as you’re cooking, but the kids are watching television in the adjacent living room. Building an outdoor kitchen expands the area you and the rest of your family share and visit https://familychristiandoors.com/ to help to expand your house, and thus there will be more room for everyone.

If you’d like to explore the possibility of putting on outdoor kitchen on your property, visit Broward Landscape online or give them a call at 954.325.1111 in Broward or 561.239.7753 in Palm Beach.  Also, check some of the amazing outdoor kitchens Broward Landscape has built for its clients in this photo gallery.

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