On Site Computer Clean Up


Nothing can be more frustrating than a slow or freezing computer when attempting to meet deadlines or Skype into an important business meeting at work. A slow computer could mean it is time for a virus and disk cleanup, a physical cleaning or deleting of unnecessary programs or files, and here at Dependable Website Management, on site computer clean up is one of the multitude of services we offer.

The worst-case scenario for a slow computer is that it is infected by a virus or malware — malicious software or code that is created to do harm to a computer, sever or website. Malware can come in the form of different entities including viruses, Trojans, spyware, worms, ransomware, adware and botnets.  If your computer is infected, then you are putting your whole network at risk for infection.

If your work computer is contaminated with malware, it could spread in the workplace like wildfire from computer to computer.  Cyber-criminals and hackers are consistently trying to access data and are coming up with creative ways to disguise malware in the form of email attachments, advertisements, photos, downloadable files, documents, web apps and more just to try to get into a lucrative network.

Dependable Website Management is here to help clean workplace or local computers from across the map, not just from our headquarters in South Florida. Our expert security team offers a full range of services that will solve your computer or network emergency and keep your computer systems up and running smoothly.

Our technicians will diagnose each computer individually to guarantee that the network is safe. Once logged into the suspected infectious machine, we will analyze, remove and cleanup unnecessary files without deleting important information. Dependable Website Management’s expert team utilizes multiple advanced tools to find the harmful software and ensure it is permanently deleted.

There are a number of other issues besides viruses that may be slowing your computer down, and they are preventable and easy to fix with the help of Dependable Website Management.

Below are some tips to make your computer run faster.

Clear out startup programs: With PCs, sometimes programs automatically start up when the computer does. Although they may not appear on-screen, a number of programs are running upon startup, and if you don’t close them when you boot up, you’ll have an increasing number of programs slowing your operating speed over time.

Check for drive errors: This can be a bit more technical depending on your operating system. One way to check for hard drive issues is to locate the command prompt and run the check disk command by typing “CHKDSK /f”, which will search for and try to repair errors on failing drives. Always remember to back up your computer because you never know when something is going to fail.

Check Windows file integrity: Back at the command prompt, type in “SFC /scannow” to run the system file checker, and it will try and find any system files that are missing and/or are corrupted and try to repair the Windows files.

Check memory: On a PC, go to the start menu and search for “Windows Memory Diagnostic.” After a restart, the analysis should automatically start and let you know of any issues.

Regularly update software: Hackers take advantage of software vulnerabilities in operating systems, browsers and websites, but developers try to stay one step ahead by releasing security updates. Not all updates automatically download on to your machine, so it is vital that you make time to update your software, not only for security reasons but to also fix bugs and improve functionality.

Also, in addition to checking for issues and instructing the computer to repair them, it’s vital that as the user, you are not logging onto unsecure websites and sharing information.  When online, make sure the web browser displays a lock icon in the URL, green lettering, a thumb’s up or another symbol to let you know it is safe for a secure transaction or that it is password protected.

In addition to on site computer clean ups, our tech experts at Dependable Website Management can also remotely find and remove infected software from any office or personal computer anywhere in the world.

The remote software Dependable Website Management utilizes to tune-up your computer can also be used to help you with tech support if you need help connecting to a wireless network, troubleshooting common software issues or freeing up hard drive space.

At Dependable Website Management, our web management plans include the design and launch of a brand new website, website hosting on our super-fast fully managed servers, any and all website upgrades or changes you would like, all plugin and software updates, full website security with hack support and cleaning, general website tech support, remote office computer cleanups and, as discussed here, on site computer clean ups. Contact us today for a free quote.


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