intellichairThere was a time that people with disabilities and seniors that no longer had the ability to be mobile, had to use a heavy, hard to manage manual wheelchair. Since there really were no choices, one was happy that they even had the manual wheelchair to rely on. Well, times have changed, and those who rely on wheelchair transportation can smile knowing that they now actually have some options.

Thanks to technology, manual wheelchairs, while still used by many, just no longer compete with what the market is now providing. The Intellichair also known as the World’s Best Motorized Electric Wheelchair, takes this technology to the next level. You can describe the Intellichair as lightweight, portable, foldable, quick and powerful. One of the other features that sets the Intellichair apart is the variety of colors that you have a choice from. No other foldable, motorized chair on the market has this variety of colors that Intellichair offers. Pick the color that best represents you.

You may be saying, yes, the motorized electric wheelchair would be a great option for me, but it has to be super expensive. I have used a manual wheelchair all along, and I don’t have the money to upgrade to an electric wheelchair. While an electric, motorized chair does cost more than a standard manual wheelchair, it is well worth the money and without a doubt more cost effective.

Imagine the freedom of being able to get around regardless of how tired you may be. Manually rolling the wheels on a standard chair can be trying and with getting worn out, one may not exactly want to be out and mobile. This is the biggest factor when choosing a motorized chair. Letting the motor do all the work for you is the number one reason one chooses to upgrade to an electric wheelchair.

Being able to come and go as you please is freedom and that freedom is very important. Having to use a wheelchair in general is already a confining situation. Riding in a motorized chair can completely change your life. You most certainly will have more energy and with that be in a better mood. You will also feel a lot better about getting out and about.

intellichair foldedWhat sets the Intellichair apart from its competitors is that not only is it motorized, but it is also completely foldable for easy travel. Most electric / motorized chairs DO NOT fold up and basically have to placed on travel hitch to be transported. This is a pain and an eye sore. It is complicated to place, and many times one is not sure if it is indeed secure. The Intellichair makes it very simple for you. It folds up to a very compact design, and can easily be placed in a car’s trunk.

If you or someone you know is in the market for a wheelchair, then the motorized, electric wheelchair by Intellichair should be your choice. Cost effective, cool colors, folds up and most importantly, does all the work for you!

Inquire now on how we can answer any questions you may have, and how we can get you into your very own Intellichair.

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