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Multiple Server Configurations

Whether you are a novice or an expert webmaster, every website needs quality hosting. Your website does you no good if it is down or constantly slow. One way to speed up your website is to utilize a web hosting company that uses multiple-server configurations. This provides an upgrade over a single server that may get bogged down with user traffic.

For example, it is prevalent for a popular brand to have two servers or more and a load balancer, a tool that disseminates traffic resourcefully to multiple servers, and is essential to a trustworthy and fault-tolerant infrastructure.

If one does crash, others within the multi-server configuration will pick up the load. Without it, companies like Facebook would be down all the time. Using multiple servers enhances performance by sharing tasks between servers such as monitoring IP addresses, antivirus software, data transformations and more.

Powered by Liquid Web’s renowned servers, Dependable Website Management makes your website capable of handling viral content and social networking campaigns. One way is by utilizing a content delivery network, or CDN, to shorten the physical distance between a user and a server.

For example, if you are utilizing one server in Los Angeles and a user in London is attempting to buy a new pair of shoes on your website, it is going to take frustratingly slow speeds for the request to travel across the Atlantic Ocean and over to California and back to England. However, if your website utilizes a CDN, the slow performance is eliminated. It’s no surprise a growing number of websites are already being served by CDNs as they look to grow their global market.

Not only does Dependable Website Management’s CDNs ensure security while data travels across worldwide networks, but it also improves search engine optimization and conversion rates while also improving speed. CDNs also guarantee a 100 percent uptime through a process called caching, so your site is always available even if your hosting service goes down.

But which server setup is right for you?

When someone visits your website, the server’s CPU and memory will work together to send the user the page they requested, i.e. “serve” it to you.  When selecting a server, there are a number of options to choose from based on the needs of your website. For example, if you have a personal blogs or a static website (minimal updating and change to your website.), you’ll want to utilize what is called “shared hosting,” where you own a small portion of a server and share the server with thousands of other websites.

Going up a stage in CPU and memory is managed hosting, which provides services and support in addition to hosting infrastructure. You’ll get a large portion of a server, an entire server or several servers, depending on your needs, which is great for e-commerce websites.

Dedicated hosting is like owning a house: You have an entire server to yourself to set up and manage however you see fit. This is perfect for high-traffic websites and web applications that use large amounts of data. Dedicated servers meet compliance requirements for PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and HIPAA (Healthcare Information Portability and Accountability Act).

Without PCI DSS certification, your organization could be banned from credit card processing applications and be at risk from hackers. Dependable Website Management’s technicians are experienced in creating compliant websites with PCI DSS and other security ethical standards such as being ADA compliant.

Generally speaking, managed hosting is the best way to go, especially for an e-commerce small business. The e-commerce arena is a field of expertise that Dependable Website Management is comfortable and confident working in. Whether it’s online stores with tens of thousands of products in them, or stores that focus on one just product or service, or even online stores that sell membership style products, we have got you covered and can help set up the best hosting solutions available for managed hosting.

No IT staff? No worries. Let us take care of the dirty work with a fully managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) that allows for a high degree of control and customization. With the help of Dependable Website Management, you can change server settings, install new software, add users and more.

There are a number of different ways Dependable Website Management keeps you safe with its high security server set-ups including antivirus and malware scanning, SSL, firewalls, DDoS prevention and network monitoring, as well as file management and password strength policies.

Secure, fast, dependable, sleek and profitable websites are just a click away with website hosting from Dependable Website Management. Let their experienced team take care of the nuts and bolts of the website so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

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