The Microsoft Hololens 2 has been a work in the making for many years. The goal is to make an augmented reality device, so you can see and model things. Holograms that can be seen through this device can be fully customized by the use of your hands. It’s truly a monumental step in the future of technology. This can be used in a multitude of ways, such as designing a building or project that would normally require models or extra blueprints. Through this augmented reality, the goal is for you to create the idea in your head through visual customization.


So…Microsoft Hololens 2 is a Hologram Controller


So to speak, yes, the Microsoft Hololens 2 is indeed a hologram controller. However, that’s not the full capacity of it. Yes, it controls holograms, but you are creating these holograms, and inserting variables into them such as motion. The ability to do this all with your hands and get a visual example before testing anything in real life is monumental! Could you imagine the possibilities that can come from this invention? Modify not only the augmented world, but you could use your imagination to create working situations that will better your true reality!


Can I Buy a Microsoft Hololens 2?


Well, no, for now you are able to purchase the Microsoft Hololens 2. It will be released in September with a $3,500 price tag for companies only. Understandably, they wish to keep it to actual businesses and corporations that can put working use to them. Doing so, will allow them to document successful data and feedback while editing any complaints that the businesses may have with the device. Ideally, this will be a huge success to them and they will be able to update and give better guidelines to the controls, managements and actually facilitating the device.

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