There was a time when the social media boomed and became so popular that everyone decided to take over the business booms and socializing with people to a next level, where they can interact with such social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. These platforms for social interacting with people gained quick traction while LinkedIn was a different story as it could not match the same hype. Until Microsoft bought it for 26 billion dollars which was thought of as a useless move by social media experts, as it wasn’t gaining as much attention as the other social media sites.

But then this all changed and LinkedIn had a huge rise and these numbers are growing rapidly. The graph below shows how LinkedIn has increased its members.


The rapid growth of this social media source is the result of the LinkedIn Strategies which has proved to be so fruitful that with the passage of time it’s getting more popular amongst the people through its marketing and business techniques. Much like what happened with Facebook. In doing such, they may surpass the audiences Facebook managed to gather as they have come up with new ideas and approaches on which are the best ways to progress. They have introduced the concept of matched audiences which is something innovative in the field of social networking.

What is Matched Audiences?

This amazing marketing strategy is explained here by Patrick Zarrelli of Dependable Website Management, that if you are a regular social website visitor then should be aware of the advertising links or the sponsored sites that are related to the audiences which best match to the interest of the visitors who visit these social websites. A great example is with Ninja Outreach and here is a has sample below:


Patrick Zarrelli of Dependable Website Management mentions that there are a lot of marketing strategies capturing the online world and the basic purpose behind this new marketing feature introduced by LinkedIn it is not hard anymore to find audiences of the same interest in products and then making websites with the same links and products to engage with the matched audiences who are looking up for same products. The ads which are used for the purpose of marketing are called retargeting ads and they are used for targeting the visitors who visit your website.

The people who visited a site, then get the prospect’s contact information for the further progress and in doing so LinkedIn allows them to retarget the audiences whose information is provided to them through various search engines. And this business grows very fast when the visitors themselves then start their businesses and seek more for more visitors to come to LinkedIn. Then comes the boom in the business which is beneficial to both clients and visitors.

Why Linked In?

We are living in a world full of competition and hierarchy. Every person try to do be better from one other, so these social websites are always working hard to update themselves, but there comes a question in every person’s mind as to why LinkedIn, as there are more social sites like Facebook and Instagram which have massive number of users, but then why is there a need for LinkedIn, who is already trying to stand up on the list of successful social media sources. But it’s not that LinkedIn is that far behind those others, as it has gained a large number of users in that they can now easily help investors reach safer audiences with fewer spam or viruses.

Being new to this business, it has already gained big audiences, who are visiting LinkedIn as much as they are visiting other social media sites which are helping people make their businesses boom. Here’s an example of what people have to say about LinkedIn experiences.


This is what more this visitor of LinkedIn has to tell about her experience being on this amazing social networking site.


This must look the same on the Facebook and Instagram and there seems no difference between them. But saying this won’t justify this statement, as when you scroll down the profile section to see further details of a person it totally directs you to a different group of information gathered through the advanced data collection system introduced by LinkedIn Strategies with following features.


Here you see social media marketing techniques which involve a larger amount of audiences that visit and find the appropriate candidate for the position by just going through their site and thus creating more opportunities for freelancers to put on their profiles in a better way, which then result in the increase of online jobs and contracts, and so people are earning way more than Facebook or Instagram on LinkedIn. It generates more revenue for the B2B companies than the other social media sites.

Some people still seem to be very limited in using this social site for the development. But it is the fact that it has grown up so rapidly with the passage of time that it has begun to gain more interest of the people within just a few years. As you can reach  targeted audiences with more ease than other social networking sites which is only possible with the new enhanced “matched audiences” feature.

How to use LinkedIn’s New Features

There are some of the steps you have to follow when making it work for the LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences feature. Here they are mentioned below. You must be aware through different social media networking sites as they have social media advertising tools.

Here’s the first step you are going to take to reach the Matched audiences,

The upper right corner of your advertising dashboard, you’ll see a button that says, “Create an audience to retarget.” Click on it.


By clicking this it means that you want to create an audience and retarget it to get to an audience and redirect the visitors to it by choosing a URL which then connects you to the focused audience and this is how you make it work for the different people as when someone visit LinkedIn URL and clicks on the link it retargets it to the desired product or service advertisements that person is looking for.


Then it will provide you with an “insight tag ” that allows you to control the URLs you want people to approach for and selected website also links it with LinkedIn and it gets notified whenever some person visits the other site URL link. This is such an easy approach, that a basic developer can add up this tag in their website or nowadays people have WordPress and stuff to make their work easy and customized.


After this, you have to just click on “NEXT”

Now your retargeting campaign will be off and running.

But retargeting isn’t the only amazing feature included on LinkedIn’s Matched Audiences tool.

If you click on the tab to the right that says, “Uploaded list audiences,” you can upload a new list of contacts to LinkedIn. These can be your cold prospects, warm leads, or email list.


Click on “upload a list”


You can upload lists of your contacts and once the list is updated you can also have the multiple lists as directed by the LinkedIn’s information providers. Then, depending on the ad you’re running, you can choose the list that you think will be most appropriate.

To continue uploading your list, come up with a name for your list and either copy and paste your contacts or upload a file with the contacts in it.

Then choose either “Match against a list of accounts” or “Match against a list of contacts.”

You’ll use the first if you’re uploading accounts from an account-based marketing database.

You’ll use the second if you’re uploading contacts from your list of email addresses.


Now Upload your contacts or accounts.


This might take some time as the files have to get upload so the heavy files take longer to update.

Finally, LinkedIn allows you to connect with the advertising sites and now you can be on the go.

“Click Connect to data integration”


It will give you a public key and a secret key. Simply copy the code and attach it to your data-integration service.

This will make sure that you aren’t looking all over for your metrics. Instead, you’ll be able to see all that data in one place.


Enter the requested information


Submit it.

And this is how your data integration is completed and how easy it works for you to add this unique feature of Matched Audiences by LinkedIn’s Strategies to boost your advertisement and this you can reach to targeted audiences.

The Power of retargeting the website visitors

Most of the people think that retargeting just goes waste, and if it does, how after four weeks of retargeting efforts, websites see an average of 726% increase in traffic. But why? Why do websites that use retargeting ads see so much more traffic than before they started using them? Let’s think about it. Patrick Zarrelli of Dependable Website Management states that the people who visit websites for daily purposes are growing rapidly with the passage of time and this might help in the growth of such industry. Based on research, here are consumer reactions to online ads: 30% have a positive response, 59% are neutral, and 11% are negative. Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about those stats is that only 11% of consumers have a negative reaction to online ads.

Plus, data shows that only 2% of consumers who visit your website for the first time convert. Retargeting gives you a second crack at the remaining 98%


Most of the consumers don’t mind being targeted for ads, and many of consumers have requested to get ads so they can have access to the products they need from almost every website and thus this will help in gaining more advertisements. For this reason, there is an increase of 1046% in the branded searches due to targeted audiences.

Amazing retargeting examples.

Many people through different walks of life visit social media sites for many things. Some only use them to interact with people, where most who visit do something online like shopping, assigning jobs to people, and other different tasks which can be proven helpful for them just a click away and such social media networking sites help a person to get the desired things of his interest in just no time.

There are retargeting examples as of the people got benefit from them and have shared their experiences

Amazing retargeting examples

The above-stated examples are from those who have got benefited from the Matched Audiences tricks which are lead by LinkedIn’s Strategies. Keep in mind they are working more on it, to make it a more interesting feature, as the outcome they have received is phenomenal and thus this could help them progress rapidly.


Patrick Zarrelli of Dependable Website Management states that one cannot pass on the benefits and advantages demonstrated by retargeted ads. Its growth is making things easier for the users and visitors of LinkedIn to check and flourish their SEO techniques. The Matched Audiences feature is helping more people interact with each other and it can be accessible to every person through different means and can be helpful to a person by following few simple steps and getting exposure to a greater audience through different ways introduced by LinkedIn.

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