If you haven’t been to the dentist for a while, you might be shocked at the services oral care professionals have to offer.

Perhaps a bad experience in the past has kept you from getting regular dental care, and now you’re facing complications caused by years of neglect. Or maybe genetic or environmental factors or medical issues have caused unforeseen problems with your teeth or gums.

The good news is that the Evansville, Indiana dental practice of Dr. Max Lingo, DDS, offers multiple services that can take care of oral issues from the simple to the complicated.

For example, Dr. Lingo offers innovative techniques that help patients overcome periodontal disease (also called gum disease), a condition that causes more people to lose their teeth than even tooth decay.

Receding gums can lead to greater risk of decay and eventual tooth loss. One technique offered by the dental offices of Dr. Max Lingo is the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST®), a scalpel-free, suture-free procedure for treating gum recession.

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During treatment with the pinhole technique, the dentist uses a small needle to make a hole in the gum tissue. The tissue is loosened and guided over the exposed part of the tooth. Since there is no incision or suturing, patients can expect minimal post-operative symptoms (pain, swelling and bleeding).

In addition to making the teeth more secure, the pinhole technique also improves the patient’s appearance and smile by making the gum line more even.

Other periodontal treatments offered by the offices of dentist Dr. Max Lingo include scaling and root planing that remove the calcified bacteria on the roots of the teeth that contribute to gum and bone loss. The deep cleanings are followed by treatment with a locally-placed antibiotic.

If all this talk about needles and planning has you feeling anxious, sedation dentistry might be a good option to consider.

Dr. Lingo offers two types of sedation dentistry, oral conscious sedation and inhalation sedation.

With oral conscious sedation, patients take prescription sedatives before their appointment. Patients are sleepy and relaxed throughout their dental procedures but can still verbalize their wants and needs. Most people report that they feel as if they are dreaming right through their visit and don’t remember a thing. Because the sedatives take time to wear off, patients need a ride home after their procedure.

Dr. Max Lingo is Pinhole Surgical Technique Certified.

Inhalation sedation uses nitrous oxide gas to help create a relaxed sensation as you’re sitting through your dental procedure. The gas is easily adjusted, providing just the right amount of relaxation under Dr. Lingo’s care. It can be used for any procedure and is quickly reversible, so you can drive yourself back home or to work once your visit is over.

Although the Evansville, Indiana offices of dentist Dr. Max Lingo offer the traditional routine cleanings and maintenance that are so important to proper oral hygiene, their services include other services that improve a patient’s quality of life as well.

Patients suffering from sleep apnea might consider seeing Dr. Lingo to be fitted with a TAP sleep apnea oral device, a customized mouth tray that holds your jaws and tongue in a relationship that prevents airway blockage.

Using a TAP appliance helps reduce the risk of sleep apnea caused by a collapsing airway. All that is needed to make a device customized to your mouth is an impression of your teeth. The comfortable acrylic trays then stay in place without any irritation or bulky equipment, ensuring you and your sleep partner a more restful sleep.

Perhaps you have lost teeth to disease or an accident. The offices of Dr. Max Lingo provide complete dental implant care to replace missing teeth.

Dental implants offer the convenience and reliability of natural teeth. Each implant is made of a titanium root that is placed into the jaw where the missing tooth previously stood. As new bone forms around this artificial root, it becomes so secure that it can support more weight than a real tooth.

Another option for patients who have a moderate amount of bone and have a generally healthy mouth are mini dental implants. Mini dental implants are a smaller alternative to traditional dental implants. They can be completed in one day, with little discomfort, and are generally used to stabilize dentures or replace individual teeth.

Maybe you just feel like your smile needs a tune-up. The Evansville, Indiana offices of Dr. Max Lingo can help you out with that, as well.

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Crowns are used to cover teeth that have been severely damaged by tooth decay or a fracture, and the crowns used by Dr. Lingo’s office last as long as 20 years or more, when the average dental crown typically only lasts seven to 10 years.

A dental bridge is used when one or two teeth are missing. Replacing missing teeth with a bridge can prevent other teeth from shifting out of place.

Porcelain veneers are a good cosmetic option if you’re looking to completely make over your smile. Veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are placed over the front of teeth, helping them look straighter, whiter and fuller. They’re perfect for teeth that are chipped, discolored, misshapen or slightly crooked.

The offices of Dr. Max Lingo also offer a low-price guarantee on teeth whitening in the Evansville, Indiana area. The ZOOM! teeth whitening system is an affordable cosmetic treatment that can eliminate discolored and stained teeth and make your smile look years younger. This easy way to enhance your appearance can whiten your smile by seven shades in less than an hour.

Whether you’re worried about retaining the integrity of your teeth or want to enhance the beauty of your smile, it might be time to make a worry-free visit to the dentist.

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