Through the mystery of space lies the secrets to the future mankind is constantly searching for. We’ve discovered tons of new information over the years of space exploration and research. However, Mars is still a planet of many unknowns that we are trying to discover. For a long time, people have believed that Mars is capable of inhabiting life. Recent discoveries are starting to prove this theory even more. Researchers have recently found out that there is actually an already existing body of water on Mars. Beneath the planet’s southern polar ice cap lays a possible body of water that spans approximately 12 miles long.


Didn’t We Already Discover Water on Mars?


Technically, yes, researchers have already discovered water on Mars. Throughout the planet of Mars, are these dark streaks that are formed through salt deposits and water. This was speculation based off of scientific knowledge. Usually, water signifies a possible idea of life nearby. However, since there is no indication of life present on the planet, this connection did not hold valid. Recent discoveries have shown a possible entire lake frozen under the polar ice cap. This in itself is a major discovery. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure would be to have a descent onto the planet. Once that planet has been landed upon, the drilling within the ice cap could begin to find possible water.


Adventure to Mars?


Although signs of water are making it possible that life could actually survive on Mars, getting there and testing the theory is a whole different story. In order to confirm the recent discoveries, we will need to have a drone or walker land upon the surface of the planet. Once landed, this walker would have to reach withstand the hard temperatures of the polar ice cap and drill beneath the ice. In theory, this is a simple job. However, technology is not yet capable of all of this and a hopeful discovery will be in the distant future.