When it comes to landscaping your commercial property, the possibilities are practically endless. But when designing the landscaping for your place of business, it’s important to keep in mind the project should accomplish multiple goals: For example, it should look amazing, it should make sense for your customers and brand, and it should also be environmentally-friendly.

Broward Landscape offers its clients computer-aided design to help make the best landscaping decisions. Using Broward Landscape’s computer-aided design, you can view your project on paper from an architectural view, a 2D view and a 3D view. You’ll be able to see in great detail what the finished project will look like, in terms of both scope and color.

Broward Landscape also has visual imagery service, state-of-the-art technology that takes a picture of your project area (your place of business, for example), and then displays potential landscape designs around the existing structure.

Using the technology available to all Broward Landscape customers, you can make sure that your landscape design is perfect for your commercial property.

Whether you live in Boca RatonFort LauderdaleWestonCoral SpringsAventuraDeerfield BeachHighland BeachParklandPinecrestBelle GladePompano or Delray Beach, Broward Landscape is your best choice.

Here are some of the things the landscape design at your property should accomplish,  according to LoveYourLandscape.com.

Strengthen your brand message. The landscape around your place of business is an extension of your brand and thus should fit with your brand’s message. A tech company that strives to be on the cutting edge, for example, should have a different landscape design that a doctor’s office. The landscape design at a health club or gym should look different than that around a restaurant or bar.

Attract new customers. The right landscaping design touch can help attract new customers to your business, as people gravitate toward well-kept, unique and beautiful environments. A person’s decision to enter your place of business may be conscious or unconscious, but either way, wonderful landscaping can be a factor. Naturally, if your place of business is enhanced by gorgeous landscaping, your chances of attracting new customers increase.

Encourage customers to stick around for a while. People may also be encouraged to hang around your business longer, or return as a customer, thanks to the landscaping.

“If you add benches, tables and chairs, fountains and low walls for seating, people will stay and enjoy the outdoor space,” Love Your Landscape writes. “Many businesses and hospitality venues have found success creating more elaborate outdoor lounge areas with fire pits and lawn games to encourage people to stay longer.”

Direct traffic flow. Landscaping can help direct customers to the places you want them to go. The main entrance to your property, for example, can be accentuated by the landscape design. Walkways can be created using shrubbery or brick or stone walls. Such features not only add zest to your business’ aesthetics, they can also add layers of functionality.

Accentuate the architecture. Your building may be beautiful, both inside and out, but unattractive landscape design can  detract from that beauty. The eyes of passers-by will shift to the shoddy landscaping rather than the gorgeous building behind it. Conversely, with colorful flowers, majestic trees, stone or marble walkways and fountains, the beauty of your building will be enhanced.

Be environmentally conscious. Yes, your commercial landscape should be designed to be beneficial for your business, in terms of both form and function, but also to be environmentally friendly. Landscaping can contribute to energy savings “by shading your building in the summer and blocking harsh winds in the winter,” according to the Love Your Landscape. “Adding a green roof to your building helps control water run-off and reduces heating and cooling costs.

Broward Landscape offers experienced, creative and collaborative landscape design to meet all of these objectives, as well as any personal ones that may be specific to your business. In business for nearly three decades, Broward Landscape has troves of commercial landscape jobs in its portfolio, and you scroll through many of the company’s project in its gallery.

Best of the Best Television recognized Broward Landscape as one the best company’s in the nation, crediting CEO Adam Baker and his team for “delivering gold standard customer service and stunning work.”

“We never tell a company owner that we are reviewing that company,” said Best of the Best host Rich Noonan. “We simply begin our research on any company the same way most customers would these days – we read every word of the company’s website, everything we can find online about that company, and if we like what we see, we proceed with a full review. We love the Broward Landscape story!”

Broward Landscape, a back-to-back Houzz.com award winner, believed starting with a great design is one of the keys to an amazing landscaping project.

“They have all the computer animation you need to draw it out beforehand beautifully, and they simply shine on outdoor customer service and maintenance after the space has been transformed,” Noonan said. “This ain’t your grandpa’s landscaper, for sure.”

Broward Landscape’s passion to design, install and maintain properties are visible in all its workmanship, and that passion will shine through in the project at your home.

“This business is so much more than my livelihood, it’s my passion,” says Baker. “Twenty-seven years later, I still maintain my original 10 customers and first 2 employees.”

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