dog smilingIf you are one that is looking into natural remedies to ease pain or help deal with inflammatory issues with muscles or even in more serious cases, helping reduce seizures, you have come across the benefits of (Cannabidiol) CDB Oil aka Hemp Oil. You are more than likely aware of the positive health benefits that are being discovered. What may come to a surprise for you is that CBD Oil is also gaining acceptance for use with our common household domesticated pets.

Much like it does for its human masters, CBD does wonders for pets. You may have though, what does this do for pets? How does it help them, and what are the benefits? Relaxation is one benefit. And don’t worry. Your dog won’t get “high” from CBD Oil … with CBD, they get all the relaxation without the intoxication. Other benefits include, reducing separation anxiety and noise phobias, a reduction in cancer cells and the chances for tumors.

Research also shows that up to 5% of dogs suffer from seizures. CBD Oil can help in the reduction of these said seizures. It also helps with bowel disease, increases appetite and is good for their heart. If you knew that there was a natural remedy that did all of these things for your pet, that you love and cherish, how could you not give it a try? HempXtra has this natural remedy. You owe it to your dog, and yourself, to do something that will benefit your dog tremendously. If your dog could thank you, it certainly would.

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