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Effective social media management comes from knowing your message.

If you want to succeed at social media management, first you need to know the messages you want to send about your brand.

That may seem obvious. But marketers and other business executives often lose site of the importance of message and think if their strategy isn’t working, it must be something about the type of media they’re using.

But before you give up on social media management, first consider some of these questions.

Why are you in business?

Customers want to know what your business is about, and the answer, “To make money,” is not sufficient, according to

If you want to succeed at social media management, you need to have a clear message about what a business like does and why it exists. Such a message is much more likely to engage potential customers, regardless of the platform.

What’s your story?

Every business has an origin story. What’s yours?

It’s a basic fact that people are interested in stories, not metrics. So telling the story of your company is a sure way to connect with your potential customers.

“People buy for rational and emotional reasons that can come from an organization’s origin story,” according to Entrepreneur.

What do you sell?

Don’t assume people know what your business sells.

A big part of successful social media management is clear communication. And there’s not much that’s more important to be clear about than what your company offers.

“Start by literally listing every product and service offering, lines and versions. But then go further to describe each from the consumer’s perspective,” Entrepreneur suggests.

Who are you trying to reach?

As with any other marketing, social media success comes from understanding your target market.

“Focus limited resources on the segment with greatest possibility of return. Narrowly define the group most likely to have the unmet needs the business provides,” according to Entrepreneur.

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