With every New Year comes fresh new hairstyles, and 2018 is no different.

Writes Kaitlyn Yarborough on SouthernLiving.com:

“According to Fashion Week runways, leading hair professionals, and our favorite famous ladies, there are some new hair trends on the horizon. We’ve seen what’s to come this year in terms of haircuts for all lengths and textures—and we like what we see. 2018 is going to be all about embracing natural, no-fuss textures with fresh, interesting haircuts.

“It’s going to be the year of the unabashedly un-done and effortlessly stylish. Low maintenance short cuts, easy bangs, and enhanced textures are the name of the game; but we’re seeing long, relaxed styles and middle parts make a comeback, as well. No matter which haircut fits your style, it’s bound to be low maintenance and celebrate your natural beauty.”

Added Guido Palau, global creative director at Redken (via RedBookMag.com), “There’s a strong emphasis on individuality this season, as well as embracing the hair’s natural texture.”

So, based on the insight provided by Yarborough and Palau, here are some of the hairstyle trends upon us for 2018:

  • Natural textures
  • Undone and effortless
  • Low maintenance
  • Bangs
  • Relaxed
  • Parts
  • Individuality

As you read on, you’ll also get a sense of “flexibility.” Not many women – you included, we guess – prefer to wear their hair the same way day in and day out. No, you want to give them different looks, keep them guessing and show off your personality, sense of style and yes, individuality.

RegalHairColor.com has a line of products that can help you achieve a multitude of looks for your hair. There’s a large selection of hair dryers, as well as shears for professional stylists or at-home do-it-yourselfers.

But the stars of the show may be the InfraShine Flat Irons.

Here are some of the InfraShine offerings at Regal, all affordably priced.

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Yes, an InfraShine Flat Iron is the ideal tool to straighten your hair. But there’s so much more you can do with it, and we discussed how versatile an InfraShine Flat Iron can be in an earlier article.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper into the 2018 hairstyle trends we’ve identified. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about trying one more of these, or perhaps this list will give you some new ideas. Either way, be sure to check out everything Regal has to offer, as we’re sure their tools can help you achieve the look you or your clients are going for.

Super-long locks

Thanks in no small part to Kim Kardashian – who Redbook says “channeled her inner Cher by rocking long, luscious hair” – the long, sleek, straight look is as in as ever.  But let’s be honest here: No disrespect to Kim, but the long, sleek, straight look is a classic one – really, it’s always been in style and it always will be.

Midi Cuts

We’re following super-long locks with midi cuts, a clear indication that 2018 is all about individuality.  Some girls don’t want to go super-short or pixie and they don’t really want to grow their hair out, either. The best option for these girls is the midi cut. “Ask your stylist to aim for your collarbone, giving you a look that’s easy to style and take care of,” RedBook suggests.

High and tight pony

Just another way to mix up your straight-hair look, and increase your comfort quotient at the same time. If you live in a warm, humid climate – we’re looking at you, women of Florida! – pulling your hair back into a high and tight pony tail is the perfect way to keep cool while maintaining a stylist yet classic look.’


Middle parts and deep side parts are both trending upward in 2018. “Though middle parts are extremely popular on the runway, we’re seeing a lot of deep side parts that go Old Hollywood in nature, but accompany natural textures of all types (enhanced with styling creams or mousses and often air-dried) and lengths that range from bobs to ultra-long locks,” Southern Living’s Yarborough writes. “A deep side part is especially fun to accessorize with fun barrettes and pins.”


Just like parts, there are many different ways to wave. As for 2018, beachy waves and relaxed waves are both among the trenders. As we’ve previously written, Australian stunner Margot Robbie – one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood – showed off her beachy waves at a recent photo shoot for the Elle magazine cover (via The Sun).  And yes, you can use your InfraShine Flat Iron to help get that look, too.

Per RedBook, “barely-there waves” are also in, “and they’re super easy to master. Just grab your straightener and create a few subtle waves here and there, and you’re good to go. It will take a few minutes, tops.”


Bangs come in all kinds of styles, and from side-swept bangs and blunt, straight-across bangs to long bangs and curly or wavy bangs, Maura M. Lynch at BirchBox.com has some fantastic tips on how to style them. When it comes to baby bangs, Lynch writes, “Worn by Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso, Lizzy Caplan, and Beyoncé (that one time), baby bangs can be tricky to maintain. In addition to frequent trims, the bold style requires silky, stick-straight fringe.”

Lots of these styles can be achieved with the help of tools you can find at RegalHairColor.com, including the InfraShine Flat Irons, the best the market has to offer.

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