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The world and the technology that is created in it, is going through a revolution. Websites, and the articles and stories we read on said sites, are now much more properly researched, and the content which is integrated into the sites is much better in how it is sorted out. Nowadays, this is not only just relegated to content. If you haven’t heard of SEO (search engine optimization), it plays a tremendous role in the life and popularity of a website on search engines (Google, Bing, etc.).

Because of these advances, one can no longer use poor images or average content on their site. No longer can one build up a bunch of links on a page or site and then start praying their website gets ranked. It is just not going to happen in this modern internet. This is no longer possible because the standards of the internet are becoming so high, that only the top content and sites hosting that content are making it to the very top of the search engines.

Patrick Zarrelli is the founder of CEO of Dependable Website Management. Dependable manages a number of websites, and is responsible for everything from their creation to the SEO to managing their inventories and shopping carts. Pat has discovered that the people, especially those who have started their websites recently, are not doing things the right way to optimize traffic.

“They are just grabbing the air and making forts in it. They are not believing in patience and courage to gain success and popularity. Nowadays, the standard has been set at a peak that to build a high quality website, you have to integrate the highest quality content which will work as the energy drink for the search engine optimization of your website.”

He went on to state, “Now you have to build up thousands of links, known as backlinks or have to share your website on social media as well to have some marketing. That’s how things are done now.” “You might say, what if a site is at the beginning stage and the creation of links is pretty expensive thing to do? This is crucial because the website manager may not have much to invest at the time. One could wonder how can they achieve a desired and successful website without the integrated links. It is obvious that, if they don’t have any money, nowadays they can’t have any popular or fruitful links. Without the help of links it will take months or years for one to get the website to the desired stage of success.”

Zarrelli finished by stating, “In addition, it is also very important to have social media shares. But it must be social media marketing done in a proper way. Sharing your posts by some sort of spammed accounts, will not help you in any way.”

What can one do, if they want a truly successful website in terms of traffic? If you are a beginner, it will be a tough to get these things done, but Patrick Zarrelli has brought a revolutionary idea for those new to SEO to get fast results. It’s content marketing. Through content marketing one can build up thousands of links naturally and get the social shares as well by proper means.  Content marketing is the cheapest way of marketing and nowadays it is the best way to do SEO for websites that don’t have many visitors or much money to invest in it. Quality content creation is the only way to produce natural and automated links at a quicker pace and is obviously cheap as well.

Through such means of high quality content, you can automatically have your social shares by your visitors and you will not have to pay or invest any money for this sort of sharing. It is to be in your kind notice that search engine optimization for the newly created websites is very much necessary because they are likely to integrate the content in it and the content marketing can help them in a tremendous way and without investing any money, content marketing can get you visitors in the best way. Patrick Zarrelli has managed to sort some best ways or tricks by which you can do SEO of those websites which do not have visitors and money to invest in.

On-site SEO Basics and on-site optimization

On-site SEO Basics and on-site optimization

This is the most basic and necessary point that the SEO does on your site. We used to be told that link creation was the most important element of on-site search engine optimization. Through onsite optimization, you can integrate a bunch of keywords into your site. One can no longer do this because Google penalizes those sites that have integrated a bunch of keywords on a single page. The stuffed material or keywords on a single page may mislead the visitor so that’s why Google has terminated the websites which are following this strategy.

All you have to do is keep it simple and stead. You just have to integrate the five best and simple keywords or keyword phrases. This will help you get results. There are a number of tools as well provided by Google itself if you are not able to get the best keywords for your site. This tool is known as the AdWords keyword tool, which will provide you classical suggestions and will also help you in the keywords research process.

Title Tag

The title tag on pages of your website tells search engines what the page is about. It should be 70 characters or less and include your business or brand name and keywords that relate to that specific page only. This tag is placed between the <HEAD> </HEAD> tags near the top of the HTML code for the page.

Meta descriptions

The meta descriptions help in search engine optimization because it lets the search engines have a little more insight into what your page is about and what it is doing out in cyberspace. There is also research being performed on whether the meta descriptions can help in the site ranking or not. It should include, the main keywords or keyword phrases of your site. Integrate it on to your site for your readers, and through such meta description, your site will get ranked well, automatically.

Additional On-Site SEO Elements

Additional On-Site SEO Elements

Here are some more fruitful tips from Patrick Zarrelli, CEO of Dependable Website Management on doing proper SEO for sites that are created by beginners in this field. While the title tag and the meta descriptions are the most important SEO elements, they are not the only ones. Be sure to incorporate the following into your site’s page content for further search engine optimization.

Internal Links 

Link building isn’t just reserved for external sites linking to your site. You can help search engines learn more about your website by internally linking to other pages on your website within your content.

Header Tags

This blog post utilizes three different levels of HTML header tags that help break the content into sections as well as let search engines know more about what each section of content is about.

The <H1></H1> tags surround the post title – there should only be one set of <H1></H1> tags per page. The <H2></H2> and <H3></H3> tags surround subheadings on the page.

There can be multiple instances of using both. Using header tags helps both readers and search engines break up your content into digestible sections.

Image Name & Alt Tag

If you use images on your site, and who doesn’t, you should think of good keywords for both the image name and the alt tag.

On the first image within the post, we use <img src=”on-site-search-optimization-seo-title-tag.png” alt=”On-Site Search Optimization SEO Title Tag” /> as the goal is to optimize it for the keywords on-site search optimization.

This helps search engines find good images for their image search based on the keywords specified.

Bold Text

You don’t want to get too crazy with this one, but occasionally bolding a selection of text to get a reader’s attention can also help search engines distinguish other important information and keywords in the page’s content.

Things to consider which can happen too

Things to consider which can happen too

Social media marketing is the best way nowadays to get the desired number of traffic because everyone is connected to social media. By doing this, you will get connected with your community and get the referral traffic to your website. Additionally, it’s a great way to humanize your brand, as well as build brand awareness, loyalty, and authority. Social media amplifies content distribution efforts, helping it reach more of your target audience, which, in turn, results in more inbound links to that content.  Think of social media as a brand builder and a content marketing amplifier. Patrick Zarrelli can teach you how you can perform SEO on those sites that don’t have many visitors or much money.

Your content isn’t encouraging action 

Even the best content can fail if it doesn’t contain relevant, useful calls to action that encourage readers to convert. To remedy this, start by researching what content format works best with your audience (video, audio, text, etc.). Then, as you publish content via those channels, always remember to include compelling calls to action. When people are attracted to your site, the basic reason behind it is that they are getting the desired content on your site which they are looking for.

Keep your content optimized and tested

Everything has to be updated on time, in the same way. Keep on top of what is integrated into your site, and keep it updated. Keep them optimized and test them in regular intervals so that you can get the things going the right way.

Hopefully through this article, you have learned some valuable tips from CEO of Dependable Website Management, Patrick Zarrelli. It truly illustrates the right way to do SEO for  beginners who don’t have visitors or much money to invest.

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