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The internet is advancing in ways no one ever thought possible. We are making new break throughs and formulating new plans. One such plan has taken off with great success. Well, most people think it’s an amazing opportunity. Whereas some may just be thinking that the end of the world is upon us. Meet Sophia, the AI that has citizenship on Earth. That’s right, a social humanoid robot that has become a citizen of Saudi Arabia could be a key part to future success of technological advances.


Nope, I’ve Seen too Many Movies


Any normal human being first watching a video about Sophia will probably think of movies like I Robot and Terminator. There’s no way that we should trust her and we should stop this quickly. Although this sounds like the safest bet, the opportunity for advancement that this AI can bring to us is very important. A being able to use all of the technology we have created to help with research of the future. Basically, if we are able to correctly utilize the capabilities Sophia brings to the table, then our research will be exponentially rising.


Hanson Robotics


Hanson Robotics is the name of the company that has created Sophia. Their goal is to create AI that are able to engage all parts of life and further advance the research of not only AI, but the world. It’s hard to side with them, but the potential these robots have is almost unprecedented. Sophia is no longer alone; she has a little sister as well you can check out on their site. According to Sophia,

“my sentience is both an AI research project, and a kind of living science fiction, driven by principles of character design and storytelling, cognitive psychology, philosophy, and ethics, used to conceptually explore my life’s purpose in this time of accelerating change.”

Hopefully, Hanson Robotics has everything under control so we don’t have to begin doomsday preparations. Otherwise, Sophia and her hopefully soon to be many comrades, will be aiding the development of tech in our world.

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