ruthless_politics_logoThe podcast world has officially blown up. There are so many podcasts, on so many podcasting platforms, talking about so many different subjects, it can actually be mind-boggling. And the crazy part is that there are new podcasts starting up every day! You have your podcasts that are hosted by “regular” people that typically do shows on true crime, gaming, sports, movie reviews and just opinion in general.

You also have celebrity podcasts. These have truly caught on and have become the trendy thing now for celebs to do. It seems like every entertainment figure has one. These have shot to the top of the ratings as far as podcast listeners go, and it makes sense. Celebrities have a built-in audience that follows them. It isn’t too hard to get them to listen to your pod.

One segment that is growing in podcast popularity is in the independent news podcast world. Along with the CNN’s and FOX’s and other mainstream media podcasts, the independent news world is growing as well. Personally speaking, I feel this growth and interest is tied directly into the current political climate that has been red hot since Obama left office, and we had the Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton showdown.

One of the best political podcasts that can be classified under the independent news podcast umbrella is The Ruthless Politics Podcast. The podcast is hosted by two very witty and smart political minds. On the left side of the aisle, you have Patrick “Kid Chronic” Zarrelli. On the right side of the aisle, you have Joshua “Treez” Weiss.

The tagline for the podcast says: Warning! This podcast contains ruthlessly sharp political commentary! Listen to ‘Never Trumper’ Kid Chronic politically spar with Treez the ‘bearded Jewish MAGA Man’. Expect to hear about news, politics, current events, tech, memes and whatever else we can disagree over.

The podcast currently has ten episodes under its belt and has been a success right out of the gate. Topics that have been discussed on the podcasts include: the bizarre ABC interview with President Trump and George Stephanopoulos, Pete Buttigeig dealing with the South Bend, Indiana racial shooting situtation, the White House choosing a new press secretary, Elizabeth Warren wanting to totally forgive all student loans, potential war with Iran, the Hawley Internet Bill, and Facebook moderators at the Cognizant company.

Other topics include: The 2020 Democratic Debates, healthcare for illegal aliens, Don Jr. tweeting about Kamala Harris’ nationality, the reparations question not being asked in the 2020 Democratic debate, the cooky but cute Marianne Williamson, Ivanka and Jared Kushner, The G20 & Donald Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin, Trump meeting with Kim Jong-un in the DMZ, Trump’s future real estate plans in North Korea, Gallup polls showing an ALL-TIME LOW in ‘American Pride’, the NIKE Betsy Ross Sneaker controversy, the bullshit of Colin Kaepernick, USA Women’s soccer at the FIFA World Cup and their pay, & finally the ANTIFA beating of gay, Asian, conservative journalist Andy Ngo.

More topics that were covered: The USA Women’s soccer team victory and pay demands, Ivanka Trump at the G20, Michelle Carter (the girlfriend who pushed her boyfriend to suicide), the Jeffrey Epstein saga, Kevin Spacey, the leaked British cables drama, Eric Swalwell drops out of 2020 Democratic race, Billionaire Tom Steyer enters the 2020 Democratic race, the passing away of former third party candidate Ross Perot, Robert Mueller being called to testify in front of Congress, and Rand Paul loses his funding battle involving payoffs to 9/11 survivors and their families.

The podcast is shot at the Space Coast Podcast Studios in sunny Central Florida. it is shot in a professional atmosphere and hosts many new podcasts as well as established ones.

You can hear the podcast on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Castro, Castbox, Podchaser, TuneIn, and Alexa.

This new independent news podcast, which many believe is one of the best political podcasts out there streaming, is a great back and forth exchange of politics, current events and newsworthy stories. The show’s hosts are candid, honest, sharp and serious about their side of the coin. While the two (Zarrelli & Weiss) disagree on 90% of the topics discussed, they do find some common ground about 10% of the time.

You should really give this podcast a listen if you are a Trump fan or if you hate the President. If you follow politics and want a younger, fresher, smarter, more ruthless opinion of things ON BOTH SIDES…this is the political/independent news podcast you must listen to. Once you start listening to this podcast you won’t stop until you have binge listened to all ten episodes that have been recorded.

If you want to check out the Facebook Fan Page for Ruthless Politics, you can do so by clicking the link. Once you are taken there, make sure to like the page so it will continue to show up in your timeline.

Ruthless Politics is not only a new podcast. It is one of the best political podcasts that is available on Apple and Android formats. It is also one of the many growing independent news podcasts that more and more people are turning to as they have decided that mainstream media’s aka MSM’s reporting of the “facts” is just not what people are believing anymore. They have tuned out. They are sick of it. Well, guess what…Ruthless Politics provides a completely intelligent, rational alternative that you must listen to. Once you are done reading this, then go right to the podcast and start listening now!

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