Website management

Google wants to alter website management to make the Internet more speedy.

Google wants to change website management by encouraging the group in charge of web standards to adopt standards inspired by the search giant’s Accelerated Mobile Pages.

The idea is that any web page could load as quickly and seamlessly as AMP. This may be the kind of thing to make one’s eyes glaze over. But it could also be a very big deal.

According to The Verge:

If you’re unfamiliar, AMP is Google’s attempt to make webpages as fast and portable as other “instant articles” (like what you might read on Facebook or Apple News). The idea is that when you click a link on those other platforms, you don’t have to wait for the article to load because it’s already preloaded in an app. AMP’s goal is to bring the same performance to the web itself.

By creating AMP, Google blithely walked right into the center of a thicket comprised of developers concerned about the future of the web. Publishers are worried about ceding too much control of their distribution to gigantic tech companies, and all of the above are worried that Google is not so much a steward of the web but rather its nefarious puppet master.

All that angst has metastasized in the past few months, with a widely circulated open letter to Google asking it to fix AMP, more Medium blog posts than can be read in a week, Twitter screeds, and arguments in the comments of AMP’s own GitHub code repository. And that’s only the stuff coming from web developers.

David Besbris, VP of search engineering at Google, told The Verge, “”It wasn’t like we invented AMP because we wanted to control everything, like people assume.”

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