Sonos is currently attempting to sue Google for stealing their patented speaker technology. Also, they are trying to get a ban from the International Trade Commission on Google’s sale of laptops, phones and speakers. Sonos and Google were in a partnership back in 2013. During this time, Sonos speakers supported all applications of Google Play Music. Until this partnership ended and all of Sonos’ patents were off limits to Google. Google used Sonos patented technology in their Chromecast and many other devices.


Sonos’ Patented Technology


Sonos and Google were not partnered for a long duration of time. However, apparently Sonos has been warning Google about their infringement use for the past four years. Right around the time when Google first released its’ Home smart speaker in 2016. Sonos has a multiroom speaker technology that Google continues to use in their products. As they continue to release more, it’s a blatant attitude that give no credit to Sonos. Especially since they are slightly being undercut due to theft. Although they have been successful partners in the past, the negligence over Sonos’ patents is not easily forgiven. According to reports, Google is currently denying all forms of infringement upon Sonos’ patented technology.


Tech Giant Walking Over Partners


Google is quite obviously one of the biggest technological giants throughout the world. They have past partnerships with thousands of businesses. It is quite easy to see how they have access to the technologies of other companies. However, using another business’ patented technology to make your own products is not ok. Selling them at an undercut price is even worse. Sonos claims that Amazon has also used their patented technology, but they didn’t wish to battle two of the biggest corporate giants at the same time. In order to keep the big tech giants in check, these measures must be taken.