Last week Google Chrome released their new browser update allowing a myriad of customizable options and convenience. These changes have to do with the usage of tabs being more convenient, customizable themes to make your own personal Google Chrome and some now built in features such as faster search suggestions and translation prompts on bredband. Changes like these have been made within other browsers before, and Google Chrome has finally made it up to pace on these changes.




People all have their own personal way of using the internet and the different browser’s tabs features. Personally, when researching, I’ll have up to thirty tabs open and it sometimes can be a bit overwhelming. The new feature now allows you to preview the information behind the tabs by just scrolling over each individual tab. Soon, there will even be a thumbnail preview for you to view as a little extra bump. They’ve also added tab convenience to phones as well! You can now group tabs into selections of your choice through their new grid layout system.


My Chrome, Your Chrome


Customization is always a benefit when you’re deciding on the browser of your choosing. Ideally you can make the browser more appealing to you in hopes of making a more comfortable environment for you research. These features are said to increase productivity by relating to the user and making the experience much more pleasant to each individual user. They’ve also increased the speed at which your searches will have recommended options or answers right on the search bar allowing you to not even have to switch webpages. Translation for websites has also become easier through a pop-up prompt asking if you’d like all pages to be translated instantly.


Convenience is Key


When it pertains to web browsers, convenience is truly an integral part of your decision. With these new changes, you are able to customize your browser to your liking. You have the option of instant translation and faster answers on your searches. Finally, the great tab update giving you the ability to “keep a tab” on your tabs for easier transition. Google Chrome is making strides in the browser competition and is attempting to show its strength.