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Google (and other search engines) are consistently changing the ways websites appear on searches. Now more than ever, having a website that is mobile-friendly will make your company’s site more Google compatible.

Google ranks websites towards the top of its search results when they  contain information matched with a specific keyword search. Having a great SEO plan (more on that below) is an effective, organic way to increase traffic. However, if you want to appear at the very top of Google’s results page when someone searches for your brand’s relevant keywords, a service called Google AdWords guarantees your listing will be at the top.

Google Adwords is the most powerful advertising tool ever created. If you are looking for leads to grow your business in the modern marketplace, than search engine marketing is hands down the best way to do it.

Google is the new yellow pages, and if you need to find a business or service in your area, then chances are you are going to use Google to find it. Thus, Google has control over most of the new business leads in any given sector at any given point time.

Lucky for you, Google is happy to sell those leads to you for a fair price dictated by the local advertising market.

How does Google AdWords work?

A brand uses Google’s online advertising program to advertise to people who are online looking for information, goods or services. A company or brand can use different ads for anything they see fit, based on words or phrases that are relevant to that part of the business. These words or phrases are called keywords.

Google AdWords uses keywords to help decide which ads to show people when they are searching for information, goods or services online. Within your brand’s specific campaign, there are many different options or scopes you can test or implement with Google AdWords. You can decide the time of day that your ad appears, add a geographical scope, target specific ads on different devices, and much more.

Whenever someone does a Google search, there is an ad auction that determines which ads appear and in which order. Two main factors determine the outcome: How much an advertiser is willing to pay for a click, and quality score, which is an estimate of how relevant and useful your ad and webpage it links to are to someone seeing the ad. The budget you set on Google AdWords determines how often your ads are shown.

How much does Google AdWords cost?

With Google’s online advertising program, you decide how much you are willing to spend for your campaign. Like anything else, you get what you pay for, but a smaller budget doesn’t mean you will miss out on increased paid results. Google AdWords is a pay-per-click model, so you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad. Adding specific and targeted keywords and different scopes as mentioned above can save on pay-per-click pricing.

This may seem like an intimidating process, but at Dependable Website Management, we are experts at securing those leads for you as inexpensively as possible. We currently spend over a million dollars a year with Google on Adwords for our clients. So we have a great relationship with our Google reps. We will be happy to get them involved in setting up your Google Adwords account for maximum marketing success online.

How do I improve my website’s SEO?

At Dependable Website Management, we build our client’s search engine rankings through a white-hat, completely organic, media-based approach. Our SEO not only gets you to the top of the Internet search results, it will also help your brand gain local and national notoriety, as  well as help boost your social media presence. In most cases, it will even get your website featured on multiple popular news outlets online.

SEO is a must-have for all new businesses. It ensures that your website is meeting Google’s regulations and puts you in the places you want your business to be found online.

What is search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is futuristic advertising, to be sure, but the premise is simple. You pay the search engines for clicks from people who are likely to be interested in your services or product.

The process is a little bit different on search engines other than Google, such as Yahoo, Bing, Dogpile, DuckDuckGo and others, and we are experts across all these platforms.

Once Dependable Website Management has the cost per acquisition, we can adjust the product price and marketing accordingly. After that scale-ability and profitability are not only easy to achieve, they are also easy to forecast.

If you’re ready to start some futuristic search engine marketing for your company, then please call us today for a free quote. At Dependable Website Management ,we are SEM experts, having purchased millions of dollars in advertising from search engines for our clients.

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