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There is nothing worse than being put on hold for 30 minutes to talk to an automated customer service agent just to be transferred to someone else. It can be infuriating. In fact, according to a survey conducted last year by the industry group International Customer Management Institute, via the New York Times, 92 percent of customer service managers said their agents could be more effective and 74 percent said their company procedures prevented agents from providing satisfactory experiences. No wonder we feel like screaming at incompetent agents over the phone.

While that may be the case in consumer goods, in the tech world, 73 percent of tech support managers surveyed in the same study said the complexity of tech support calls is increasing. The study believes that customers have become more technologically advanced and sophisticated. They are able to solve simpler issues on their own as technology literacy grows.

No longer are bloggers contacting web hosts about how to crop a photo, instead they want to know about software and hardware management, security and data maintenance. And they want to talk to a real, live person to get the results if they are unable to solve the problem on their own. Luckily, there is Dependable Website Management based out of sunny South Florida for all your tech support needs ranging from website creation and hosting to e-mail setup, security, marketing, WordPress, and all things in between.

Dependable Website Management’s talented team consists of award-winning web designers, Google AdWords Certified professionals, certified application web developers, Google Analytics Certified consultants, conversion specialists, qualified social media marketing experts, and some of the most brilliant minds in search engine optimization. Safe to say you are in good hands if any questions or issues arise when developing and managing a website.

In addition to providing immediate tech and website support, we can provide your own website with live chat customer engagement software. Easily communicate with a prospective client to reduce online abandonment and generate sales. Yes, quick customer care drives revenue.

According to a recent Twitter poll, via Conversocial, customers are willing to pay on average $19.83 more for a good or service if a social response is provided within just six minutes. It pays to be fast and quick in the internet age whether it is from online chat, e-mail or social media. What’s more, global performance-management consulting company Gallup found empathetic support was just as important if not more important than speed when it came to customer service. Both are approaches Dependable Website Management encourages clients to implement and it is how we treat our own clients.

If our clients’ needs can’t be fixed through chat, email or video then our team will personally travel to the client and fix the issue on-site. This also allows Dependable Website Management’s team to get a feel for the client’s operation on a grass-roots level to understand a better sense of their online presence and how they work with their in-house operations.

If your website has a coding error, a spam problem, or a domain setback, we can fix it for you that same day. Dependable Website Management’s expert team can also scan your website for malware and remove it for you if your website or server has been infected.

Our team has thousands of hours of experience in diagnosing and solving website problems. We can usually diagnose and fix any normal website issue inside the first 24 to 48 hours using award-winning products and tools, and cutting-edge technology. Sometimes it may only take just a few minutes! In some rare instances, it may take longer, but our staff will be available to tell you what’s going on throughout each step of the website repair process.

Our help desk will also provides assistance, tutorials, and high-end technology resources when it comes to advanced web management. We can help you get started with daily blog posts on your website, social media page creation and management, Google Adwords, WordPress support, Yext account setup and management, and more.

Have a faulty computer? Don’t haul it down to a computer-repair store, let us fix it remotely. That’s right, our qualified technicians can connect to your computer over the Internet, identify and solve the issues you are having. That’s just one of the many ways we provide outstanding tech support.

At Dependable Website Management we can custom fit a plan to just about any company or budget. Even charities or start-ups! So don’t wait any longer to harness the massive marketing power of the Internet for your company or brand. Call us today, and we will be happy to set up a face-to-face meeting with you to discuss your current and future web presence.


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