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An area of interest when starting a website or blog is turning clicks into revenue. One way to increase clicks is by setting up an email campaign promoting your goods or services to a wider audience. That’s where email becomes so important. Like creating a website from scratch, if you can dream it, Dependable Website Management can build and improve it.

Dependable Website Management’s email setup and management, which is custom-made for your product or business for a low cost is, is center in the perfect online starter plan for a company or startup. No two are alike, since every business has its own unique set of needs and goals, but the best practices and tips from successful email campaigns can be universally applied to most company’s websites.

Below we’ll take a look at how Dependable Website Management can help you make the most of your email campaigns by utilizing trending themes to improve engagement.
How effective are email campaigns?

According to Sikich professional services, consumers who receive email marketing spend 83 percent more when shopping online. Their orders are 44 percent larger and they order 28 percent more often. Email campaigns are trackable, versatile, personal, and cost-effective. In fact, digital marketers see email as the top medium for return on investment, nearly $44 for every dollar spent.

How can I improve email click-through rate?

First and foremost is getting users to actually open the email before it is deleted. There are a number of ways to improve email engagement.

Users are more engaged when email content is personalized. According to
Experian Marketing Services, personalized promotional mailings have 29 percent higher unique open rates and 41 percent higher unique click rate.

Dependable Website Management helps accomplish higher engagement by personalizing content with number of management tricks, including: Writing an attention-grabbing subject line, telling users what to expect with a catchy preheader, using recognizable images, displaying a call-to-action on the right-hand side of the text, and displaying social sharing buttons.

How do I reduce email unsubscribe rates?

In addition to users deleting emails before opening them, one thing that frustrates companies or brands is users unsubscribing from emails. Before we describe how to reduce unsubscribe rates, we need to understand why readers back out of email lists in the first place. One reason is the frequency of which they are receiving email.

According to Sikich, just under 70 percent of subscribers cite “too many emails” as the number one reason they unsubscribe. Another reason they might put your email directly into the spam folder is because they didn’t realize they subscribed in the first place — no one likes unsolicited emails. An email that is too cluttered or hard to view is also a turn-off for readers. Finally, while it may seem like an oxy-moron, sometimes readers unsubscribe because they are tired of always having you try to sell them something.

While that may be the point of email marketing, successful companies have found that distributing valuable and relevant tips related to your industry, instead of constant sales calls, will create a more personalized relationship and prevent unsubscribing rates.

Another way to prevent dropping rates is to give recipients the power to control opting in or out, frequency of emails and the content they receive. Empowering the reader to share your content on social media for organic marketing is another way to boost return on investment. In today’s digital age, emails need to be optimized for mobile. Just under 40 percent of all emails are opened on a mobile device and just under 80 percent of users will have access to their emails via mobile next year.

It’s hard to create pixel-perfect email experiences on a phone, tablet and desktop but creating a responsive email design is easy thanks to the experts at Dependable Website Management will make sure your emails are crisp and sleek with creative content no matter the user’s device, manufacturer, application or screen sizes.

What to look for in an email service

Sorting through 200 emails a day can take valuable time and energy away from your important talks, but more importantly, misplacing that one note can cause serious headaches and even cost you potential business. Email management is vital in organization but there are a number of tools you can utilize with the help of Dependable Website Management to make the daily chore of reading and sending emails more structured.

Integration of calendars and to-do lists are growing in popularity but there are also tools that can confirm receipt and read status as well as create templates designed for the perfect response you want to give. Need to automatically send an email at a specific time or easily locate an old email? Let Dependable Website Management’s secure, reliable and reputable team assist you with all your email needs today.


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