Domain Name Registration

The Internet is the greatest marketing tool of our time, and shopping online is fast becoming a trillion-dollar industry. There are hundreds of marketing strategies you can use to advertise and market your business online.

Creating a new website is the most cost-effective way to promote your brand. Forget newspaper ads, overpriced rent for a brick-and-mortar store, or even the price of office supplies, the Internet is the place to reduce cost and increase revenue.

Before creating a new website, you have to register for a domain name, a.k.a. your website’s name with ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).  You web address must be unique, and ICANN coordinates these unique identifiers across the world. Without that coordination, we could not have one global Internet.

Keeping your domain name, app and social media pages registered and updated can be overwhelming. Luckily, the expert web developers and programmers at Dependable Website Management specialize in creating and registering custom websites that will not only create brand awareness with ingenious first impressions but also generate quality leads and fuel performance.

Choosing a domain name

If you don’t have a website name in mind or the domain name is already taken, choosing a domain name can be a frustrating task.

From a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint, you will want the domain name to be short, unique, catchy and relatable to keywords that describe your brand and services you offer. Try to avoid using numbers and/or hyphens and, if your brand is local, ponder using your city or state in your domain name.

Also, to protect against any copyright infringements, be sure to research the website name to make sure it isn’t trademarked. To further protect your brand it is a good idea to buy other domain extensions and misspelled versions of your domain name.

What is the difference between .com .net and .org?

Top-level domains (TLDs) refer to the last segment of a domain name. Popular TLDs include .com, .org, .net, .gov, .biz, .edu, and .info. There are also country-specific TLDs, like .uk, .ca. or .au. There are also sponsored TLDs and infrastructure TLDs, but the most popular of these is simply, .com.

TLDs all have certain guidelines, but can be utilized by any registrant, anywhere in the world.  Originally, before the explosion of the Internet, the rules were different.

Initially, .com was used for commercial businesses, .net for network-related organizations, .org for non-profits, info for informational services, .biz for businesses, but now anyone can register for these TLDs. There are a few TLDs with rules such as .edu (must be accredited, degree-granting institution) and .gov (official governmental organizations).

If you are not satisfied with your current domain hosting service, you can also transfer your domain name from one registrar to another with the help of Dependable Website Management.

Registering apps and plugins

Like with domain names, creating and registering new apps is another way Dependable Website Management can help you upgrade your website to achieve your goals. If you have an idea for an app or would like to have a custom cell phone app built for Andriod , iOS or both, we can help you!

At Dependable Website Management, we have built a plethora of smartphone apps. We can take you through the process of planning and development, all the way into the Apple and Android online app stores, with ease.

Much like creating an app, Dependable Website Management can also develop WordPress plugins for your website. These plugins give the web developer access to a myriad of powerful software options to give your website extra functionality. Things like custom forms, API connections, SEO, galleries and animation are all available software options for web developers in the WordPress Plugin Market.


After creating and purchasing a website or app, it’s important to make you’re your solutions and certified. When starting a new e-commerce website or webpage where sensitive data will be used, there are a number of information security standards you need to be aware of. For example, if you are processing credit card data you must comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) standards.

Without PCI DSS certification, your organization could be banned from credit card processing applications and be at risk from hackers. Dependable Website Management’s technicians are experienced in creating compliant websites with PCI DSS and other security ethical standards such as being ADA compliant.

Secure, fast, dependable, sleek and profitable websites are just a click away with Dependable Website Management. Let our experienced team take care of the nuts and bolts of the website so you can focus on business managerial and marketing aspects. Need help with that too? Dependable Website Management has you covered. Contact us today for a free quote.

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