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Dependable Website Management spotlight: Google parent Alphabet is expanding Project Loon internet delivery beyond balloons.

As a premiere website management company, we like to keep track of the latest technology. And Google parent Alphabet has a cutting edge plan to deliver the Internet to part of India that lacks access.

Alphabet X, the “moonshot” division of the Internet search and advertising giant, will use light beams in the next phase of the company’s efforts to extend the Internet, and its services, to remote areas. In this case, the area served will be Indian state Andhra Pradesh.

According to VentureBeat:

More than four years after first unveiling ambitious plans to deliver internet access to remote locations using balloons, Google’s parent company, Alphabet, has announced the next phase in its initiative to open up web access — and, by extension, Google’s services — to millions.

Balloons positioned high in the sky proved an effective way of transporting data large distances, using an optical communication technology called Free Space Optical Communications (FSOC) to deliver high-speed connectivity through beams of light. However, keeping stratospheric balloons going permanently is a tricky task, which is why Alphabet’s R&D arm, X, has been working on a ground-based solution following the technological ethos of the balloons.

Alphabet’s X is working with AP State Fibernet, a telecommunications body owned by India’s Andhra Pradesh state government, to introduce thousands of FSOC boxes across the state.

Alphabet’s work is part of a government push to connect 12 million households in the Indian state, which is home to more than 50 million people, to the Internet by 2019, according to TechCrunch. Right now, less than 20 percent of the state’s populace has Internet access, Engadget reports.

“These FSOC links will form part of the high-bandwidth backbone of their network, giving them a cost-effective way to connect rural and remote areas across the state,” said Baris Erkmen, FSOC lead at Alphabet X, in a blog post. “The links will plug critical gaps to major access points, like cell towers and Wi-Fi hotspots, that support thousands of people.”

It’s an interesting effort by Alphabet that we’ll be keeping an eye on here at Dependable Website Management.

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