Daily Social Media Updates : Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Instagram

Social Media BlocksSocial network sites are a great way to begin online marketing campaigns, as well as build relationships and brand awareness with future customers. Social media can also increase SEO ranking, help your brand stand out in your industry and create a direct line of communication to users. Social media has evolved in recent year from simple blogs and Facebook to Google+, Instagram and more.

Any social media plan, regardless of site, should be built around several concepts: Listening (reading mentions, intent to purchase, industry news), engaging (replying, liking, following back), analyzing (traffic/purchase reports, monitor campaigns, track activity) and scheduling posts (avoid spamming, go behind-the-scenes).

Below we discuss the difference between Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, and how Dependable Website Management can help you integrate a tailor-made social media plan into your business strategy.

Facebook management

With Facebook you can share updates, photos and live events and even offer coupons for your business. Since Facebook allows longer posts that you can attach with photos and videos, social media management platform Hootsuite recommends limiting your Facebook posts to once or twice per day.

With nearly 1.7 billion users, Facebook is the kingpin of social media websites. For your business to harness its full potential on the network requires a tech professional, and Dependable Website Management is happy to handle all of your social media updates for you. We can also manage your Facebook advertising campaigns and your Facebook boost campaigns.

A healthy and robust Facebook presence will not only help improve your brand’s notoriety in its respective industry, it can also help you stay in touch with past customers and even geographically or demographically target new ones. Facebook offers a wide variety of adverting options and which ones you decide to use can have a drastic impact on your overall success on the network.

Twitter management

Twitter content usually isn’t as visually rich as Facebook posts, so sharing quick pieces of information and photos multiple times a day is the way to go. Twitter allows a user to “go live,” attach photos and videos to posts, add a GIF for a reaction, and post polls for followers to vote on. On Twitter, it’s best to switch up attachments to posts and showcase your “voice” with an assortment of memes, funny comments, hashtags (#) and mentions (@).

From a marketing perspective, Twitter offers great tools to help your brand generate leads with its advanced search option. It’s an easy way to find out what is going to your area (geo-targeting) and join the conversation.  Twitter managers can save advanced sentiment searches, track mentions and monitor keywords. Dependable Website Management’s social media team of experts can show you how to use the different features of Twitter’s advanced search option to help you to grab the leads.

Google+ management

While Google+ hasn’t taken off like other forms of social media, it actually has one of the biggest user populations because anyone using a Gmail account is automatically setup with a Google+ page. Google’s answer to Facebook, Google+ allows you to share updates, pictures and videos, which are linked directly to your YouTube account (also owned by Google). Recently, Google+ made comment moderation tools available to all users and added an advanced search filter and more stats tools for community moderators.

“Circles” are how Dependable Website Management takes a brand’s Google+ page to the next level. After building your following, we can separate your users into different groups so you can target specific people with information. The other users outside the “Circle” will see a different message, this allows brands to understand and target users based on their personality and activity to encourage a more personalized response.

Instagram management

Instagram is about more than just photos, although that is why users flock to the platform. Instagram allows users to use filters to edit and enhance photos and use hashtags to label to their messages. Instagram also added a live feature and a “story” tool similar to Snapchat’s, except with hands-free recording. Instagram also recently announced you can now not only follow people, but use hashtags too. #Sweet.

Instagram is the most active and popular social media platform, especially among Millennials. Instagram is also owned by Facebook, which allows Dependable Website Management to create advertising campaigns that run on both mediums simultaneously. We can also create campaigns solely aimed at one medium or the other.

At Dependable Website Management we will craft a campaign for your company, set up and manage the campaign, as well as provide you with any online data you request about the campaign. At Dependable Website Management, we are experts at creating campaigns that bring in real sales and real leads for our clientele. ,

So if Instagram is a part of your company’s marketing plan, call us for a free quote. Our team would love to help take you to the top!

At Dependable Website Management our goal is to make sure that your website and all of your social media accounts are getting the attention that they need. We’ll take care of all the work behind the scenes so you can focus on your booming business.


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