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Credit Card Processing

Most consumers have paid for goods or services online with a credit card without thinking twice. On the flip side, if you are starting an e-commerce website or an online store it’s crucial to comprehend how money flows from your customer to your small business.

Below, we will walk you through not only how credit card processing works but also the benefits of accepting other forms of payment such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in companies which offers loan to customers, Visit for more info.

How do online transactions work?

In order to accept an online payment, you’ll need to partner with a processing company and a bank to accept the payments and deposit the funds into your account. There are two phases of payment processing: Approving the transaction and receiving the funds in your account.

When a customer buys a product, his or her payment information enters the payment gateway and is encrypted to prevent stolen information as it is sent to the payment processor, which asks the customer’s bank of sufficient funds. If accepted from the bank, the processor will then tell the customer’s bank to credit your business account with the funds used to purchase your online product.

Dependable Website Management has partnered with a number of processors to bring online stores to life. The expert team has handled any e-commerce work you can imagine from “As Seen on TV” products, food and beverage products, medical products, clothing and accessories, and online software sales.

What are the fees that come with credit card processing?

No matter what online business you are operating, there will be fees from those involved in the transaction. All merchants that have a hand in the online sale want to get a cut of the action. The fees are usually very minimal but it’s important to understand where your money is going.

The issuing bank, credit card company, merchant bank, and payment processor all charge fees. Interchange fees, assessment fees, and markup fees will nickel and dime their way into the transaction. It’s how banks and credit card companies make money but there is a way to reduce markup fees since they are the only fees that are negotiable. Choosing the right payment processor with the help of Dependable Website Management is an essential step to ensure smooth transactions on your site.

How can I avoid credit card fees with my online shop?

As mentioned above you can’t avoid credit card fees but there is a way to significantly reduce fees with online transactions and potentially boost sales at the same time. The answer is by accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

Dependable Website Management is proud to support Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies and will assist you in setting up the secure form of payment that is quickly becoming on of the most lucrative forms of payment on the web. Below, we’ll walk you through the benefits of accepting cryptocurrencies at your online store.

How is Bitcoin better than credit cards for online merchants?

As mentioned above, typically there are four parties involved in a credit card transaction and each are looking to take a piece of the pie. These fees can range anywhere from a fraction of a percent to 5 percent and maybe more based on geographical location. You are also likely to get charged between 15 to 30 cents for each transaction made. With Bitcoin merchants also eliminate the risk of charge-backs since bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed. There are millions of Bitcoin users around the world, just ask CEO Patrick Byrne, who announced his online store saw nearly 800 Bitcoin orders and $125,000 in sales within just 21 hours of accepting the cryptocurrency. Simply offering Bitcoin as another form of accepted currency could help increase sales. Luckily, Dependable Website Management has created and worked with a number of websites to offer Bitcoin, PayPal, and other processors to ensure success for their clients.

Dependable Website Management’s services don’t stop at working with clients to setup online payment processing, it goes the extra mile when it comes to e-commerce including managing API connected stores to giant whorehouse operations.

The e-commerce arena is a field of expertise that Dependable Website Management is very comfortable and confident working in. Whether it’s online stores with tens of thousands of products in them or stores that focus on one just product or service or even online stores that sell membership style products, they have got you covered. To read more about e-commerce and how Dependable Website Management can enhance your online store with Woo Commerce, shipping software, sales, shopping tax applications and more, click on the E-Commerce Web Development link under the A La Carte Internet Services section on the Dependable Website Management home page.


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