Once again, the biggest consumer technologies event of the year has come and gone. The Consumer Electronics Show is a gathering point for industry pioneers, innovative masterminds and engineering entrepreneurs. This event marks a global stepping stone for how technology seems to be going for the year. The new decade has brought plenty to show. Don’t worry, the CES of 2020 did not disappoint. Here are some of the interesting matters brought up this week in Las Vegas!


CES 2020 Exhibit


Each event showcases well over four-thousand companies. From all over the world, you’ll find distributors, developers, technology delivery systems and much more. You’ll will see the biggest business leaders from around the world at this event. Backing this event is the multi-billion-dollar consumer technology industry CTA, or Consumer Technology Association. The categories this expo covers are vast and almost full-proof. Not only will you be seeing some of the most distinguished categories and guests; You’ll also be visiting beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada. There are eleven official venues and the actual event spans over 2.5 million net square feet.


Notable Mentions this Year


Some really cool technology was present at CES 2020 this year. Here are some of the notable ones:


Samsung Odyssey G9

This is a beautiful 49-inch monitor with a 1440 display. This monitor is curved to replicate a perfect view for the human eye. It has a very sleek and modern design.


TCL Foldable Phone

This one is still a prototype, but a phone with a bending screen! The phone would close much like a flip phone would have. So, when you open it, the size could be that of like a tablet. This one is going to be pricey upon release, but it has plenty of screen space and handles 5G.


Amazon Alexa in Automobile

Finally, Amazon wanted to showcase the new Amazon Alexa feature. Alexa is now compatible with vehicles! They wanted to show it off by putting it in a Lamborghini!