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Are you prepared for the massive boom in cannabis-based product? Have you noticed the amount of marketing that has amassed over the past year around CBD? CBD, or cannabidiol, is a cannabis derived compound that has been booming in business since the legalization of hemp late last year. In December, the Farm Bill of 2018 was established allowing farmers, with government issued licenses, to grow and harvest hemp. Seeing as CBD is also a hemp derivative, there was only a matter of time before the masses showered favor upon it. Are you prepared for the CBD Vape boom?


CBD 101


CBD has become increasingly popular over the past year as people realize the abilities of this cannabis derivative. Many people look upon CBD and think it should remain in an illegal status as marijuana due to its relation to the cannabis plant. However, this mind pattern is far from what should be thought. CBD, although is a derivative of the cannabis plant, has no relation to the “high” you receive from marijuana. The psychoactive ingredient within marijuana is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

Main cause for attention here is that people are using the legal hemp product that farmers are growing through government allowance for the CBD. Now if you’re worried about getting high from these CBD product, then don’t. As long as you’re buying CBD product from a trusted source such as Pure Clear Hemp, then you’ll have no worries. These trusted sources will be offering CBD product that contain .03% or less THC. This is the allowed legal limit for these product to be available. As long as you buy from credited sources, then you will have no worries about THC showing up on your tests should that be the case.


Why Use CBD Product?


Throughout the body of every individual lies the endocannabinoid system. This system supports almost every single action you take during your day. From aiding in your immune systems responses to foreign objects to helping you get just a bit more sleep. Regardless what you’re doing, the endocannabinoid system is present and acting. Our bodies are usually stock full of cannabinoids. Situations where your body is under distress such as pain, illness and inflammation, you will be using these up quite quickly. Although your body will do its best to keep up, its also able to replenish the cannabinoids through outside sources. Examples of these sources being CBD product!

CBD product are able to act on your cannabinoid receptors and play a major role in rehabilitation. Many studies are being done to find out what exactly CBD is truly capable of. From previous studies, there has been potential on a number of things. PTSD, arthritis, pain relief, upset stomach and even Alzheimer’s Disease. All of these things have been shown to have slight relief and that is truly important. If we’re able to pinpoint everything that CBD can affect, then it’s one step closer to being used in medical situations.


CBD Product


CBD is the Entrepreneurial Dream


If you haven’t yet realized the potential popularity that CBD has, then let me reiterate it for you. CBD is capable of aiding the body in a ton of different ways. Due to this, you can imagine the demand for a product that preaches such results. Currently, connoisseurs of CBD are using online marketing to make the most of this boom. While states are figuring out whether they wish to allow CBD to remain legal or not, online markets have the product for buying available immediately. Until retail in stores is fully allowed, these places are your go-to for all the different types of CBD product. If you wish to check out a CBD marketplace, head on over to Pure Clear Hemp for a ton of different choices.


Who’s on the Bandwagon?


If you don’t take my word for it, check out who is already on the bandwagon for CBD product. Recently, Rob Gronkowski has joined up with CBDMedic in support of topical CBD product. His father uses it and offered Gronk some shortly after he had hurt his toes playing soccer. Soon after the application of the CBD cream, he felt relief. A relief that he had wish he’d felt during his NFL career with the New England Patriots. He is now trying to appeal to the better nature of sport league officials in order to gain support for CBD in sports. Most sports have active policies against cannabis because of the high you receive from THC. However, there isn’t a specific policy in most situations towards CBD.

Another big name is Seth Rogan. If you’re not into sports and don’t recognize the name Rob Gronkowski, then you should catch this one. Rogan is a comedic genius of our era and publicly displays his high notions towards cannabis. However, he supports cannabis and CBD product for reasons unbeknownst to most. His wife’s parents both suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease and this is a pain their family lives with. CBD product have shown positive results in testing towards Alzheimer’s Disease symptom relief.

Finally, if these two didn’t click for you, then Morgan Freeman definitely will. Freeman has been the voice of the past two decades in movies and a star in many more. However, back in 2008 he was in a serious auto accident. This caused him to look for other types of pain relief outside of conventional medicine. He was drawn to cannabis. Since then, he has not only been a voice of movies, but a voice of the cannabis movement.


CBD Product; Get Them While They’re Hot


As you can see, the CBD boom is becoming bigger and bigger. As more positive results of CBD surface, the greater the push will be. Ideally, we’re able to have CBD as a well-researched medical option from Doctors. This will have to wait for the FDA to determine what exactly the limitations on CBD are. Until then, check out how much CBD is flourishing in our economy and don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon! Feel like checking out some CBD product and maybe diving head first into it? Pure Clear Hemp is an online marketplace with CBD product of all kinds. Their home base is in Florida and they have all certifications and testing done on their CBD to ensure that they can be a reliable source!

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