Cigars are a pleasure for people all around the globe. Whether you enjoy one after a long day’s work, smoke a cigar with your coffee, or maybe lighting up a cigar while you’re at the racetrack, it’s a time when you relax. A sure-fire way to destroy this idea of relaxation was if you had taken out your cigar and discovered that it had become stale. We’re here to tell you that it is very possible for your cigar to become stale and ruined.


How Did This Happen?


It’s quite simple how the cigar becomes stale. If you are taking care of your cigars improperly then you are on the first step to failure. Improper care leads to stale cigars, moldy cigars and, it hurts me to say, ruined cigars. In order to stave off this cycle of negligent behavior towards these beautiful handmade products, you have to understand why this happens. When the cigar is under improper care such as an error in humidification, they begin to lose their oils. A cigar that has undergone a loss of oils loses the flavor they were originally packaged in. Unfortunately, even if you eventually place it into a correct humidification setting, once the flavors are gone, they’re gone for good.


Maintaining Your Cigars


The easiest way to maintain the health of your cigar is to keep it in a proper humidor set at the correct humidification level. A reasonable level would be 68% – 72% humidity. This retains the oils within the cigars without bringing it to a state where damage can be done. Humidity control in this era has become simpler than any connoisseur of cigars could have imagined. If you’ve yet to hear of humidity packs, they are truly a wonder for the cigar enthusiast. These little packs are able to control the humidity within your humidor by simply placing them within it. That’s it. Drop it in then go about your day and replace them when necessary. So, you no longer have a reason for your cigars to ever go stale again.

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