As we enter 2020, many people have yet to realize the futuristic situations we come to live in on a daily basis. There have been images of an actual black hole this year. People have been discovering ways to make hoverboards a reality. We’re working on finding water under the surface of Mars. Another amazing innovation is the idea of brain wave controllers. That’s right. Can you imagine being able to control an object by using your brain waves? This technology is actually much closer than you would think. The idea is called brain-computer interface. If you focus hard enough with this tech, you could accelerate a car!


Brain-Computer Interface


Within our brains are thousands of neural connections. Every time a movement is made, a signal is sent off to make said movement. Now, using an electroencephalogram (EEG) you can track these different waves and assign values to the changes in signals. So, if you were able to track these values and attribute them to a pattern, you could set a controller plan. For example; If this value of brain signal comes when someone shifts their foot to accelerate a car, then maybe we could mimic said value. If said value is completed without the actual movement, then there could be a predetermined response to the value.


Brain Wave Controllers


With these ideas in mind, you can transfer these ideas to a controller. If you compare it to a video game, its easier to see the commands. Brain values could be set to actual game commands then. “If I think of driving, this value goes up.” So, if you made a command in a game to go forward when you thought of driving, you would technically be able to move the character in the game forward when thinking to drive. This idea is also being shifted into Virtual Reality situations as well!