The story of CBD oil is still unfolding as its health benefits continue to be discovered. Primarily thought of as a pain reliever, CBD oil is also being used effectively as an anti-inflammatory, to help people quit smoking and reduce the withdrawals from drug addiction, reduce or eliminate epileptic seizures, treat mental health and anxiety disorders, fight cancer and treat Type 1 diabetes.

The highest-grade affordable CBD oil, or cannabidiol – the name of a compound in the cannabis plant – can be found at Blue Moon Hemp. While marijuana contains THC and CBD, CBD oil contains none of the mild-altering “high” in THC, but it does offer a multitude of health benefits.

Blue Moon Hemp is America’s most-trusted name in pharmaceutical-grade CBD products and offers the best CBD oil on the market. The company also delivers right to your door, with no permit or prescription required, while providing education on all its products to ensure you get the right product to treat your ailment. Blue Moon Hemp’s products are not considered medical marijuana, so you do not even need a prescription or to live in a state where medical marijuana is legal to purchase them you can find out more at

But even though it won’t get you “high,” plenty of people say CBD oil is “relaxing” while effectively treating their medical issues.

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What’s Your Favorite Flavor?

Blue Moon Hemp offers products in a variety of flavors, from Black Kat to Flan to Red Devil to Pineapple Express. Black Kat is Blue Moon’s classic breakfast cereal flavor – think Lucky Charms with a touch of cinnamon toast. The delicious Flan flavor is the Crème brûlée of vape juice, featuring Madagascar Vanilla Bean with a touch of caramel. Red Devil combines strawberry and vanilla with hints of tangerine and mango for an amazing citrus taste.

Not only do these wonderful flavors taste great, they all have incredible medicinal qualities to treat what ails you and relax you at the same time.

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The Sizes and Methods That Fit Best

The products offered at Blue Moon Hemp provide sufferers of various pain ailments, both physical and emotional, with relief and peace of mind. Blue Moon’s oil are liquid extracts made from herbs of the hemp plant that can be taken orally, rubbed onto the skin or inhaled though vapes.

CBD Tinctures are ingestible with a dropper and come in various size bottles, ranging from 100mg to 1,500mg.

Vape oils are also offered in various size bottles, from 100mg to 400mg, and even come in sampler packs, so you can try various products at affordable prices while determining which product you like best.

There is even a CBD gum for easy and quick use, while Blue Moon’s CBD Essential Oil Salve can penetrate the skin and go directly to the joint and muscle tissue to provide maximum effectiveness.

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Is CBD Oil For You?

While Blue Moon Hemp’s CBD oil products are a health dietary supplement, we recommend you do your own research on whether they can help treat your ailment, including consulting your doctor. But studies are proving CBD oils have remarkable potential to treat so many different medical issues.

Here’s a great example:

The Shaw family from Florida had been for years dealing with their young daughter’s epilepsy and violent grand mal seizures. The hardworking parents struggled to get the right treatment for Emily, their little girl, and the medication and regimen being prescribed was not helping with her condition.

But with more research, the family discovered the power and benefits of Blue Moon Hemp CBD oil, and since they began administering the CBD oil to their daughter, her seizures have disappeared and her life has become normal and pleasant. CBD can help lead to a quality of life without the side effects of opioids and other pharmaceutical products.

CBD is Safe and Legal

CBD oil, unlike marijuana, does not contain THC , the psychoactive ingredient that has intoxicating effects. CBD oil is legal in most states, and if you use it, you will not test positive for marijuana.

There is no such thing as a CBD drug test, and Blue Moon Hemp goes the extra step of removing all of the THC so a positive test for THC impossible when using a Blue Moon Hemp Product.

Once opened, the shelf life of a Blue Moon Hemp product is one year if refrigerated, but test samples have shown the product to be fine after being frozen for two years.

The farming methods employed to make Blue Moon Hemp CBD oils are eco-friendly and utilize no insecticides or herbicides. All of the product additives are plant-based and organic, non-GMO when available. Blue Moon Hemp products are also considered raw, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, soy-free, nut-free, and free of artificial coloring and flavoring.

When ordering online, products take 3-4 business days to get to your door.

Quality of Life

More health benefits of CBD oil are still being discovered, but research has shown the product helps relieve various forms of chronic pain, assisting in PTSD treatment, alleviating and even eliminating epileptic seizures, lowering stress and is an excellent anti-inflammatory supplement.

Josh Wurzer, director of SC Laboratories Laboratory in Santa Cruz, Calif., one of the first independent institutions to recognize the importance of promoting cannabis safety through education, said, “A lot of the medical benefits of cannabis that are attributed to THC or other cannabinoids are actually due to the CBD content of cannabis.”

Studies have shown CBD to have its own medicinal properties, and some research has even proved it may even help destroy cancer cells while preserving the healthy cells.

“For patients who are not interested in the THC effect but are interested in the CBD effect,” said Canna-Centers Medical Director Bonni Goldstein, “this is a terrific choice for them to have.”